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are you a game changer? a results oriented gatekeeper who isn’t afraid to hit the ground running and think outside the box? do your synergies align with a culture of shake-things-up-verticals-within-collaboratorsINNOVATINGforTOMORROWbecauseTOMORROWISTODAY?!?!?!

no? good. 
we want to lead american cider. our road is unknown, the market’s getting crowded, and our competitors have more money, more people, and more experience. success so far hasn’t been easy to come by, and success in the future isn’t a given. we’re using the resources at hand, seizing every opportunity we get, and taking our unfiltered approach to the top.

your world begins and ends with the success of the packaging process and the people who run it. we've just installed a new more automated machine and we're feeling pretty jazzed about it. you need to be a process-driven manager that can bring the team together around our new equipment and ensure that everything is running safely and smoothly. 


  • base salary and bonus
  • generous vacation policy
  • 401k with company match
  • health & dental insurance coverage
  • a voice in the direction of the company
  • cider. lots of cider. seriously how big is your fridge?


  • promote and embody a culture of safety
  • write SOPs and conduct trainings on best practices
  • develop and motivate the team to hit packaging goals
  • maintain packaging efficiency and decrease waste (cider, cans, boxes, time)


  • 3-5 years management experience minimum
  • experience running high-speed filling and packaging machines
  • mechanical aptitude
  • must read work-related non-fiction

when you apply, please include a kickass, characterful cover letter. scrap the overly-formal language and tell it to us straight - why you?

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