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Terreux Cellar Person

The position's primary role is performing a wide range of cellar, packaging, and general cleaning and organizing tasks.  This position requires a great deal of flexibility in every aspect of beer fermentation, cellaring and packaging. The right candidates will have a strong interest in developing their cellar skills and are enthusiasts of sour & funky beer.  Candidates will also be interacting with the brewhouse and clean beer production as needed.

Position Responsibilities — Cellar:

  • Monitor fermentation by reading and logging gravities, pH, yeast cell density, and temperature of beer daily.

  • CIP of fermenters/bright tanks.

  • Maintain and evaluate cleanliness and functionality of all gaskets, valves and tank fittings.

  • Transfer of beer and wort between vessels including barrels in a sterile manner.

  • Assist and perform assessment of fermenting beer for appropriate processing, including but not limited to dry hopping, addition of fruit or spices, crashing tanks and removing yeast.

  • Maintain a sanitary environment, which includes but not limited to cleaning floors, walls, tanks and ceilings.

  • Utilize a 5S approach for organizing supplies, tools and equipment.

  • Train new personnel in proper equipment operation.

  • Perform all aspects of barrel work, including cleaning, steaming, maintenance, filling, racking, and organizing barrels.

Position Responsibilities — Packaging:

  • Learn, understand and execute packaging operations according to standard operating procedures.

  • Operate all aspects of packaging line including filling, assemblage of carriers, palletizing, and movement of raw and finished materials.

  • Keep and maintain packaging records.

  • CIP bottling and kegging equipment.

  • Train new bottling/kegging line personnel in proper machine operation and safety procedures.

  • Recognize low fills and improperly filled/packaged product.

  • Organize inventory of finished beer, bulk bottles, cardboard, crowns, labels, and all other packaging supplies.

Essential Skills:

  • Work on a ladder periodically up to height of 18 feet.

  • Physically be able to bend over, twist, kneel, climb stairs, stand all day, lift 55+ pounds, work in a non-temperature controlled environment and repeatedly handle hot and cold liquids.

  • Be able to operate a forklift, or be willing to learn.

  • Strictly follow recipes and standard operating procedures while recommending ways of improving them.

  • Willingness to work at clean beer facility as needed in both cellaring and packaging departments.

  • The ideal candidate will have worked previously in a commercial brewery and/or have brewing education.

Working Requirements:

  • The position open is a day shift, however the selected candidate must be able to work across all three shifts as required.

  • Must be available to work Saturday and Sunday as required.

  • Overtime may be required.

  • 21 years of age, proof of authorization/eligibility to work in the United States.

Benefits include health care, 401(k), and lots of great beer!

The Bruery is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.

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