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Position Summary

The Brewer is capable of performing all aspects of beer production independently, from beginning to end, with little to no supervision.  This includes brewing, cellar operations, filtration, cleaning and sanitation, maintenance of plant equipment, general upkeep of the home office facilities and other associated duties.  In addition to the home office brewery, the Brewer is capable of exercising his/her own discretion to conduct brewing operations in at least one of the Karl Strauss Brewing Company satellite breweries.

Essential Functions & Duties
  • Efficiently operates all brewing equipment at the Main Brewery including the brew house, filters, kegging machine, cleaning equipment, milling equipment, and all other support equipment in the brewery.
  • Monitors fermentation; cleaning and sanitizing tanks, and yeast management.
  • Responsible for the successful operation of the brewing process at the Home Office Brewery as well as one, or more, of the Karl Strauss Brewing Company satellite brewery operations.  
  • Cleans and general up keep of the entire brewery at all times.
  • The assignment of any of the following duties;
    • Multiple shift brewer: The brewer will arrive at a pre-determined time dependent upon the shift they are assigned based on the production schedule.  We are Brewing 24 hrs a day/7 days a week. There are multiple shifts associated with the all brewing positions and any brewer can be assigned to any shift.  All brewers will prepare the brewery for the day’s production schedule. The brewer may also mill-in the subsequent brew and then transfer it over to the brew house.  The brewer finishes the his/her brew, then cleans the workstation, then completes all associated paperwork and/or data entry.
    • Filter Operator: The filter operator will arrive at a pre-determined time.  The filter operator cleans and sanitizes the tank that he/she will filter into, prepares and operates the filters during the production process, starts the carbonation process once the beer moves to the bright tank, thoroughly cleans the filtration workstation when finished, and completes the associated paperwork and/or data entry.
    • Cellarperson: The cellarperson cleans and sanitizes any fermenters required.  As time permits he/she cleans any other areas of the brewery as assigned.  The cellarperson also performs the yeast-pitching/management for the production schedule

Necessary Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Know and love beer
  • Associate’s degree or Formal Education from an accredited brewing school.
  • At minimum, two years experience individually running a Brewpub or small brewery as a brewer.
  • Approval from Brewery Management (Brewmaster and Headbrewers) that He/She can proficiently run a Brewpub/Brewery Restaurant without supervision.
  • Able to work basic computer programs such as MS Outlook, Word and Excel.
  • Mechanical aptitude required and experience working with small tools.
  • Must have clean driving record.
  • Must have an excellent attitude and conform to all of the company policies.
Physical Demands

Very heavy work:  Employee typically shares workstations with others in similar positions.  Time spent conducting sedentary work is less than 10%. Requires walking, standing, and/or driving for more than 90% of the workday.  Lifting objects in excess of 100 pounds with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing 50 pounds or more.

  • Non-slip shoes with reinforced toes are required to be worn at all times while in the brewery.
  • Chemical resistant gloves and/or boots are required to be worn at all times while working with chemicals.
  • Hearing protection and safety glasses are required to be worn in certain areas of the brewery.
  • Requires frequent trips up and down stairs, bending, stooping, and/or twisting, and mobile dexterity to manipulate small tools and machinery.

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