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MIA Beer Co

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MIA Beer Company is looking for a creative Head Brewer with a minimum of 5 years of professional brewing experience. The ideal candidate must be a strong leader able to manage all aspects of brewing operations and staff. This is an exciting opportunity for someone that enjoys a fun and challenging environment with a growing brewery.

Duties Include:
- Manage daily brewing/cellaring operations
- Maintain beer quality, efficient processes and overall organization and cleanliness 
- Able to formulate unique new recipes of any style, but with strong experience with IPAs, Double IPAs, and Berliners 
- Work with production manager to create and execute Brewhouse Schedule to fulfill growing demand
- Report and help troubleshoot issues with management team
- Must be able to handle raw materials, manage inventory, yeast maintenance mastery, mechanical aptitude, strong trouble shooting skills, be exceptionally organized, have attention to detail
- Brewer will need to be able to climb stairs, kneel and work in a cramped environment, safely able to lift 55 pounds and move 165 pounds.
- Possess strong written and verbal communication skills, ability to multitask and prioritize duties and be able to take direction, follow core/established recipes and accept constructive criticism

How to apply:
Interested candidates can email resume with a cover letter to careers@MIA.beer

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