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Gravity Heights Brewery & Beer Garden, located in San Diego (Sorrento Mesa), California is a collaboration between Whisknladle Hospitality known for their delicious food, exceptional service and genuine hospitality and Skip Virgilio, Co-founder and original brewmaster of Alesmith. Together we’re looking to change the paradigm that one most compromise food, service, hospitality and/or ambiance in order to enjoy great craft beer.

The Restaurant
Gravity Heights encompasses over 12,000 sqft of indoor & outdoor space with seating for 400 guests inclusive of a 40 seat private dining mezzanine overlooking the brewery.

The Brewery
Gravity Heights will have a brand new Alpha Brewing Operations and ABM equipment. Target Production is 2,000BBL’s

15BBL 2 Vessel Brew house
30BBL Hot Liquor & Cold Liquor Tanks
4 x 15BBL Fermenters and 2 x 30BBL Fermenters all controlled by Chillertron Cellar Control System
8 x 15BBL Serving Tanks and 2 x 30BBL Serving Tanks in the Cold Box for dispensing beer to the Brewpub.
32,000lb Silo with ABM Automated Grain Handling System
Alpha Semi Automatic Keg Washer
Alpha Semi Automatic Mobile CIP Cart
EKOS Brewery Management Software
Small but well stocked Laboratory
Eventually, a Twin Monkey’s canning line

The successful team member will need to possess strong organizational skills, ability to lead a team, impart a passion for building a community and attention to quality is of the utmost importance. You will collaborate with our owners and Head Brewer to lead the brand’s offerings with the room to showcase your creativity.

Nitty Gritty

Two years of experience in an Assitant Brewer role. Candidate must be familiar with the complete brewing process in a safe and efficient manner. This includes, but is not limited to, milling, mashing, and lautering, wort boiling, cooling and transferring to fermenters. Must be able to wear many hats and be able to collaborate within a small but effecient team.

  • Work with a team to operate the brew house including mashing, lautering, boiling, hop additions, whirlpool and wort cooling, pitching yeast, transferring to fermenter, filtering, transferring to the brite tank, and packaging of beer.
  • Complete necessary paperwork for accurate record keeping of production logs and all laboratory testing.
  • Performs designated QC and QA checks at various stages of the brewing process.
  • Follow all safety and health regulations.
  • Perform daily maintenance and cleaning of brew house machinery and surroundings.
  • Recipe execution and set production schedule.
  • Monitor and report inventories of beer and raw materials, including grain, hops, yeast and chemicals
  • Disposal of Spent Grain with Local Farmers
  • Responsible for proper yeast handling, including but not limited to propagation, pitching, harvesting, aeration and CIP
  • Assist taproom staff in maintaining proper draft line cleaning and maintenance
  • Representation at trade shows, festivals and local beer events
  • Work with restaurant team on site events to drive brand engagement

Reports to Head Brewer

$40,000 depending on experience ($16.50 per hour based on a 45 hour week)
Employer Contribution to Health Insurance
1 weeks Paid Vacation
Manager Perks for Whisknladle Hospitality

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