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Pretoria Fields is Georgia's Farmhouse Brewery. We have an amazing Downtown Production Facility in addition to several hundred acres of farmland. We are looking for a brewer to join our team.

The brewer will be an integral part of all brewhouse and cellar operations. The ideal candidate would have skills and interest in the scientific aspects of brewing and quality control and a strong cellaring skillset.   Professional brewing experience and/or a degree from a reputable brewing school strongly preferred. The brewer will work on a shift schedule (a mix of early morning and late afternoon shifts - no late night shifts - with the other brewers on staff) and will report directly to our Director of Brewing Operations/Brewmaster.

This is a full-time exempt position for the purposes of federal wage-law and will not be eligible for overtime pay for hours actually worked in excess of 40 in a given workweek. Workdays and hours will vary between weekdays, weekends, days and nights.

Essential Functions:
  • Learn and embody the Pretoria Fields culture, company history, products, portfolio, policies and short- and long-term vision
  • Wort production 
  • CIP tanks, cellar equipment and brewhouse (this includes handling acids and caustics and performing titrations)
  • Harvest, pitch and manage yeast
  • Dry-hop beers
  • Mill and stage recipes accurately
  • Maintain workplace safety while upholding quality standards
  • Continually lift, drag, carry and manipulate hoses, parts, pumps, buckets and reservoirs
  • Maintain accurate and legible records
  • Sanitation of all beer contact surfaces and equipment
  • Perform routine preventative maintenance and cleaning of equipment and infrastructure
  • Run canning Line
  • Work safely
  • Perform other related duties as assigned

This is an immediate opening with a start date to be negotiated based on availability with a competitive salary based on experience.

Job Requirements:• Professional brewery experience and/or a degree from a reputable brewing school
• Hard working, positive team player with strong interpersonal skills
• Ability to multitask and manage time while being detail oriented
• Flexible schedule

Physical requirements: 

The brewer must be able to bend over, twist, kneel, stand for the duration of a shift, lift 55 pounds and maneuver 160 pounds repeatedly  Work in a wet environment with exposure to heat and cold. Requires proper handling of hazardous materials and operation of complex machinery. 
  • Must be 21 years of age or older
  • Must have a valid driver’s license, clean driving record.
  • Love and passion for craft beer is a must!
We employ people who continuously work hard and in doing so, have an immediate impact and figurative voice in our brewery. We encourage everyone at Pretoria Fields to be motivated and to grow alongside our company. Every employee is an extremely important part of the PF team and its future.
Pretoria Fields is an equal opportunity employer offering competitive salary, paid time off, and BEER!
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