Commercial Sales & Marketing Director

Worthy Brewing Company

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Worthy Brewing Commercial Sales & Marketing Director 

Job Overview:

  • Lead the Sales and Marketing teams to develop strategic and operating plans that ensure the company’s sales goals are met.
  • Achieve this objective by effectively implementing the marketing strategies and sales plans.
  • Considered the “brand ambassador” of the brewery. Responsible for promoting the brewery’s brands in the best ways possible.
  • Responsible for organizing advertising campaigns, managing sales staff, organizing promotional events and discovering new sales opportunities.
  • Develops and cultivates key relationships with distributors and chain retail accounts to ensure Worthy beer brands receive their fair share of brand and sales execution support.
  • Leads and develops a variety of staff including marketing staff, commercial operations, sales reps, events managers, and various external service providers including advertising agencies and various consultants.
  • Reports directly to the CEO.
  • Working alongside the Brew Master, Director of Restaurant Operations and CFO as key contributing member of the Leadership team.


The key responsibilities include:

  • Marketing strategies for each product line, customer demographic analysis, brand story, graphic design, and communication growth strategies.
  • Develop a sales plan for the brewery’s products – Develop a comprehensive sales plan with:
  • The sales plan will also examine pricing structure, revenue goals, sales locations, customer retention strategies, advertising avenues, and sales team activities.
  • Create sales and marketing budgets and forecasts
    • Create expense budgets required to execute the commercial plans
    • Create and distribute sales forecasts to the other departments within the brewery. This allows the brewery to adjust production levels and organize logistics.
  • Manage sales and promotional events – The brewery will occasionally run sales and promotional events in-house or at trade shows. Ensure these events are well-run and promote the brewery in the best way possible.
  • Develop relationships with key wholesaler and retailer customers – Relationships are very important in the brewing industry. Develop relationships with key customers to sell more products and ensure they remain motivated.
  • Analyze customer demographics and market trends – Develop market strategies and new products.
  • Research competitors – Competitor knowledge helps the brewery to develop products that are correctly promoted and priced to succeed in the marketplace. Investigate and analyze competitors to identify new sales opportunities for the brewery.
  • Present sales reports to management – They must present sales and marketing reports to upper management. These reports will range from marketing plans through to detailed historical sales analysis reports.
  • Design and distribute marketing materials – They will work in conjunction with the sales and marketing teams to produce advertising and marketing materials. May also be required to work with third party advertising agencies. Once a plan for promotional materials has been developed, they must ensure it is correctly executed.
  • Supervise other staff – Works closely with the sales and marketing team at the brewery. They must ensure that the staff is working productively to generate sales and develop marketing strategies.

Bachelor’s degree in business.  Ideally with emphasis in marketing or sales.


  • Experience in leading teams – The sales and marketing director must have experience in organizing a team, delegating responsibility and assigning staff to roles.
  • Experience in planning marketing campaigns – Previous experience in creating marketing campaigns from planning through to implementation.
  • Sales experience – They should be an experienced sales executive who has worked at many different levels in the food and beverage industry.
  • Sales report/analysis experience – A great deal of the sales and marketing director’s time is spent preparing sales reports, researching markets and analyzing customer sales.
  • Experience in the beer industry (preferred) – They should have a number of years working in the industry and a thorough understanding of how to market and sell beer.


  • Very high-level written and communication skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Personable and capable of influencing people
  • Excellent sales and negotiation skills
  • Team management and leadership skills, ability to motivate staff
  • Working knowledge of beverage pricing and profitability
  • High level IT and report preparation skills (Microsoft Office Capable)
  • Ability to work under pressure
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