Assistant Hospitality Manager

Bagby Beer Company

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Bagby Beer Company is a family owned craft brewery and restaurant, with strong ties to the greater craft beer community. We have a passion for great food, beverage and service, we are looking for candidates that share our enthusiasm in growing our company and our industry.

The ASSISTANT HOSPITALITY MANAGER at the Bagby Beer Company will be fundamental to our operations, and will be responsible for assisting with the daily workflow of the entire Front of House crew, including directing team assignments, monitoring and troubleshooting POS functionality, ensuring coordination with the kitchen, and maintaining an overall positive experience for all guests.

This all-star will have at least 3 years experience in one or more high-volume full service restaurants, will be computer savvy, and will demonstrate well-developed verbal and written communication skills. At Bagby Beer Company, Assistant Hospitality Managers will be enthusiastic, hospitality-focused, and committed to the ongoing development of the service team. Comfortable leading by example and delegating work functions, the Assistant Hospitality Managers are proud to represent the Bagby Beer Company, and will work closely with the Hospitality Managers, and the Bagbys to ensure a seamless and top-notch marriage between products and service.

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