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Calvert Brewing Company

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Calvert Brewing Company is seeking a full time Lead Brewer. The Lead Brewer will report to the Head Brewer. This person must have at least two years experience working on the production side of a brewery, and during part of that time must have experience specifically brewing beer. Management experience is a plus.

Calvert Brewing Company is a quickly-growing, large-scale craft brewery in Maryland. This position offers competitive pay and ample opportunities for upward mobility.

The Lead Brewer will primarily be responsible for producing wort, participating in cellar and yeast management tasks, maintaining brewing equipment, upholding quality standards, and leading a small team to assist her/him in brewing tasks. At times thisperson may be asked to assist with other production-related tasks.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Is passionate about the craft beer industry and loves drinking and brewing craft beer.

  • Has brewed on a system that is at least 10bbls (we use a HEBS brewing system).

  • Has a deep understanding of all the steps and processes of brewing and cellaring.

  • Can carry out CIP, sanitation, and sterilization techniques.

  • Prioritizes producing a high quality, consistent product above all else.

  • Is organized and extremely detail-oriented.

  • Has a high mechanical aptitude and is able to troubleshoot.

  • Can demonstrate an ability to take decisive action that leads to resolution, while abiding by sound brewing principles.

  • Is proficient with Ekos or a similar brewing software.

  • Is able to lift heavy/awkward objects for an extended period of time.

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