Cellar Manager & Inventory Specialist

Brewer's Alley and Monocacy Brewing

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Qualifications: a long long-term commitment to a career in brewing beer, as demonstrated by 2-5 years practical experience in a brewery or formal training in malting and brewing science and technology. A combination of experience and training is preferred.

Who we are: Brewer’s Alley Restaurant and Brewery was opened in the summer of 1996 and has prospered for 20+ years as the original brewpub in Frederick County, Maryland. Several years ago, we expanded our operations to include a sister brewery off-site where we operate Monocacy Brewing Company. Brewer’s Alley is now home to a 3BBL brewhouse while Monocacy Brewing operates a 20BBL brewhouse. Our brewing team operates in a respectful, deliberate and methodical manner as we craft works of art for beer drinkers who appreciate refined and interesting flavor in their beer.

Where we are: historic Frederick City, Maryland, in the heart of beautiful central Maryland, close to the Potomac and Monocacy Rivers, Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, major Civil War battlefield sites and only an hour’s drive from both Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, District of Columbia. With plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, mountain biking, hiking and scenic rides, Frederick County Maryland is a great place to live and is home to a rich history and agricultural heritage.

What we offer: competitive salary, based on experience, along with paid vacation and health care benefits



general plant cleanliness

full awareness and proper management of the following hazards: trip, slip, fall, cut, crush, strain, pressure, electrical, explosion, heat, confined space, chemical, and material

attend festivals, beer tastings, and other promotional or special events

equipment maintenance and brewery mechanical requirements

thorough completion of records

* Inventory Management

monitor inventories of malts, hops, CO2, N2, compressed air and O2, cleaning chemicals, packaging materials, general supplies

place orders for inventory items as needed

monitor inventory of packaged beer

* Cellar Work

yeast management and harvesting

data collection during fermentations (gravity, pH, temperature, time, observations)

attending to fermentations (i.e. changing temperature setpoints, cleaning out cones, capping, fermentor additions - dry hopping, spices, finings - and monitoring pressures)

cellar transfers and filtration

filter setup, breakdown, cleaning and sanitation

spent filter media disposal

tank cleaning, sanitation, and CO2 purging in preparation for beer transfers

cold space cleaning and general cellar cleanliness

achieve proper beer carbonation levels for packaging

* Packaging and Finished Beer

keg and cask cleaning/sanitation

keg and cask filling operations

assist with bottle filling operations

manage cooperage inventory

manage inventory of finished beer in cold storage

prepare orders for shipment

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