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India is at the epicenter of a craft beer revolution. Pioneering brewing companies are tapping this huge opportunity to introduce artisanal small batch craft beers into the market where larger is the predominant style of beer available. 

Craft Brewerkz, a fast growing micro-brewery located in Mumbai is expanding its brewing team. Our goal is to introduce flavorful and unique beers that are crafted for the Indian consumer with a focus on quality and consistency. Our beer is presently available at our flagship hundred and fifty seater tap house and distributed in keg to select locations across the city.

We are accepting applications for the position of Head Brewer. The perfect match is a person enthusiastic at the prospect of relocating to Mumbai. Initially, on an exploratory short-term contract in order to interact with our team and assist in developing and brewing innovative beers. A subsequent long-term employment is available dependent on mutual synergy.

Good news here: not only is compensation commensurate with experience and represents an advancement over current package, but all cost related to the relocation will be covered by the company.

The placement is ideally suited to a dynamic young brewer who is keen to step-up to a leadership role; one who thrives in a hands-on, small production unit and aspires to take charge of the entire brewing process.

Multi-tasking is a prerequisite skill and includes the ability to operate in any position within the brewery. If you consider yourself to have excellent organizational and communications skills with the capacity to understand the bigger picture then you’re already leading in the race.

You’ll also have the chance to lead the creative process in collaborating with management to design inspiring new beers. We are continuously striving for the best so fine-tuning our existing beers is always an on-going project.

And finally, if you’re confident and charismatic, it’s a chance to serve as brand ambassador, liaison with customers and media and be the spokes-person at festivals and retail activations. It’s a dream job so hurry up and apply now!

If you would like further details, feel free to drop me an email, glad to answer any and all of your questions. 

Please email your resume to jainad@gmail.com

Aditya Jain
Craft Brewerkz

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