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Located in Asheville, N.C., one of the hottest brewing scenes in the country, Ben’s American Sake is one of the first craft sake breweries in the US.  Brewed similarly to beer, the process involves an open and cold fermentation cycle which takes about 40-60 days to complete.  Currently unable to keep up with onsite demand, we are expanding our brewhouse with the intention of distributing in 2018.  We are looking for an experienced, creative, solutions-oriented brewer to grow with us.  This individual will have a deep passion for brewing, the craft beverage industry, quality and a strong sense of integrity.  The individual will be trained in the art of sake, with the expectation that they have clear knowledge and experience with the brewing process and equipment.  Production brewing experience and management is required.   This is a full-time position with swift growth potential once the process is mastered. 


— Head or Lead brewer preferred.  Minimum 2+ years as a production brewer. 
-   Self starter and solutions oriented approach
-   Has sensory analysis training, with an eye towards HACCP and food safety programs 
–  Manage all brewhouse operations within OSHA regulations
–  Eager to engage the public at festivals and trade events
— A passion for sake quality and consistency
— Creativity to develop new recipes and processes
---Positive attitude
--- Microsoft Excel


-       Operate and manage one of the countries only craft sake breweries, including all maintenance and upkeep

-       Manage all production, cellaring and packaging schedules

-       Maintain accurate and detailed production records including yield and loss summaries, brewhouse efficiencies and a consistent  inventory/cost record

-       Manage koji propagation

-       Develop and manage yeast propagation program

-       Oversee quality control procedures to eliminate contamination

-       Ensure an open line of communication between ownership and senior leadership

-       Maintain taps and beer lines located in onsite restaurant and taproom

Other important attributes include a deep understanding of fermentation, koji production and its roll in sake production, yeast strains, and brewing with fruits and other food ingredients.

Please submit resume and cover letter to Molly Clark at bensamericansake@gmail.com

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