Rotating Cellarman and Brewer position

August Schell Brewing Company

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Position Summary:

The cellarman position consists of work in all aspects of the brewery. This includes: Maintaining a sanitary and micro-biologically stable work environment through CIP (Clean in Place) procedures; Continual lifting, dragging, carrying, and manipulating of hoses, parts, pumps, buckets, and reservoirs, requiring standing, walking, crouching, and lifting regularly throughout the duration of shift; yeast propagation, harvesting and washing; packaging of beer and soda; overseeing the aseptic transfer of beer between vessels; monitoring fermentations including routine analysis of in-process beer; maintaining a clean work environment in all cellars and areas where beer is processed; and following standard operating procedures of various hot and cold side processes.

The Cellarman is responsible for the duties involved with both hot and cold side beer production. A strong safety first ethic as well as ensuring quality must be the Cellarman’s primary focus.   


Job Description - Brewer

Are you a homebrewer looking to make the leap into slightly larger batches? Sick of the 9-5 grind that isn’t much fun? Beer is fun. We promise. August Schell Brewing Company has an immediate opening for an experienced brewer to join our team. We are looking for a talented individual who wants to build a long-term career with us, be engaged with our Brewery activities, and help us continue to brew great beers! The position is full-time with benefits.

August Schell Brewing Company has an immediate opening for an experienced brewer to join our brewing team. Come join Minnesota’s original Craft Brewer located in the heart of Southern Minnesota! This is a full-time position with full benefits. We are looking for a talented individual who wants to build a long-term career with us, be engaged with our Brewery activities, and help us continue to brew great beers!

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Operate brewing, and sanitation systems according to good manufacturing practice.
  • Maintain established quality parameters within the raw material handling, brewer, and cellar operations.
  • Record and verify all required data, within the brewery from brewhouse.
  • Submit daily logs for operations control and input data into Orchestrated Beer software.
  • Assist in the maintenance and requirement of raw material and process material inventories.
  • Provide required samples for laboratory analysis.
  • Monitor mechanical and operational integrity of brewing equipment.
  • Perform routine maintenance of brewing equipment.
  • Conduct active, effective communication
  • Work variable shifts, as scheduled.
  • Work with prescribed cleaning chemicals, based upon established protocol, OSHA, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Maintain sanitary standards for the microbial integrity of the products.
  • Maintain the operational and aesthetic condition of the facility.
  • Complete other responsibilities, as assigned.

The position should expect to work a minimum of 40 hours per week, up to 12 hours per day if

necessary depending on the production schedule. Overtime may be performed as needed if management


Role and Responsibilities:

  • Primary focus should be safety, quality, and providing a hygienic work environment for yourself and others.
  •  Come in prepared to work. Understand the day's objective by communicating with the other cellar

                   staff if present.

  •  Proper personal protective equipment is required to be worn during the entire shift.
  •  CIP lines in preparation for the transfer of product.
  •  Coordinate with the packaging crew and release beer to packaging when ready.
  •  CIP of fermenter, packaging and conditioning tanks.
  •  Complete fermentation checks.
  •  Communicate with the packaging department on packaging tank DO, dissolved CO2, and fill volume.
  •  Harvest, wash, and pitch yeast. Oversee yeast propagation and maintain an extremely aseptic work environment during the handling of said propagation.
  • Process spent raw materials such as: Post dry-hop hop material; spent yeast and spent grain.
  • Communicate with the Production Management team and other Cellarmen throughout the day to

 keep organized, timely, and able to maintain a good workflow.

  •  Participate in proper confined space entry using ventilation and the gas meter.
  •  Assist in the cleaning of the cellar areas and the washing of equipment, floors and tools to comply

with company and government sanitation standards.


  •  Follow all SOPs and safety protocols.
  • Make observations of efficiencies and inefficiencies.
  • Make recommendations for equipment and processes with formal reports or an email.
  • Contribute to improvements and processes required to gain efficiency and quality assurance

 in the cellar department.

  • Contribute to the evolution of the cellar department.
  • Complete special projects assigned by supervisors.
  • Continue working in cellar department to learn and improve the current cellar program.
  • Participate in general cleaning of the break room, bathrooms, and offices.
  • Remain calm, flexible, and able to work through setbacks and emergencies.
  • Experienced in simultaneously coordinating a wide range of activities in a hectic and fast paced
  • work environment.
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