Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co.

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  • Operates, cleans, and sterilizes all brewing equipment.
  • Follows standard operating procedures throughout all processes.
  • Checks and adjusts as necessary all brewing equipment.
  • Keeps all raw materials stocked and organized.


  • Perform duties necessary to maintain a clean and sanitary fermentation cellar.
  • Clean and maintain all cold side brewing equipment through packaging tank.
  • Maintain and improve overall sanitation and safety levels of brewery.
  • Monitor fermentation profiles, progress, and temperatures of vessels and glycol system.
  • Contribute to brewing process as directed in adding of various ingredients to beer.
  • Assist other departments when time allows.


  • Good candidates must fit in with our enthusiastic and hardworking team environment.
  • Must be a great communicator.
  • Possess a mechanical aptitude. 
  • Candidates should be serious about safety, quality and cleanliness. 
  • Candidates need to be able to lift up to 100 pounds, be able to twist and turn, be able to reach over your shoulders, and work in standing/walking/ crouching position at a steady pace and love to clean. 
  • Experience in sanitary food or beverage processing is a definite plus. 
  • Constant cleaning and frequent maintenance is required.  

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