Brewhouse Manager

Brewery in central Denver

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We are a brewery with a decade of proven international success. This will be our first location in the US, heavy on R&D, and focused on producing a particular style of experimental beers. 
We're looking for a experienced professional, who has been in high responsibility positions, possibly with medium to high volume breweries, possibly with barrel programs. Winemaking experience is a plus.

As a sole owner with extensive experience in the business of brewing craft beer. 
I offer very competitive compensation packages based on experience. 
I am looking for the best professional out there, and I will be interviewing and working with you personally.
Along with a solid insurance package, and the change to work with a professional and experienced team already in place, there are clear opportunities for advancement.
I have always strived to offer the best life possible to the people who work along side me.

Please email your resume and a cover letter to

Qualifications and Requirements 
  • Passionate and willing to push brewing boundaries. 
  • Willing to brew with unconventional methods and solutions; ability to find solutions to solve unconventional brewing problems. 
  • 10+ yrs of brewery experience. Brewpub experience is welcome but not essential. Brewers relocating from high positions responsibilities at regional or established breweries very welcome.
  • Trained in sensory evaluation.
  • A formal brewing education is preferred, with mandatory comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of brewing science. 
  • Experience with smaller than 30bbl brewing, including all maintenance and upkeep.
  • Experience with larger than 30bbl brewing, including hot and cold side. 
  • Experience with step mash, single step infusion and decoction. 
  • Experienced in water profile modification. 
  • Preferably experienced with wild ales and wild yeast management methods. 
  • Preferably experienced on a broad selection of beer styles.
  • Fluent in metric as standard, Plato as Gravity. 
  • Possess extensive knowledge of industry compliance standards including but not limited to OSHA and TTB 
  • Ability to be directed and follow assignments, as well as bring ideas to the table. 
  • Have experience in planning and organizational skills 
  • Must be able to work alone, as well as, manage a brewery team 
  • Self-motivated problem solver 
  • Ability to perform physical labor, lifting 75 lbs and moving 160 lbs 
  • Ability to stand for long periods of time 
  • Must have flexible work schedule.....this is not a 9-5 
  • Great communication skills and must be software savvy for organizational purposes.
  • Knowledge and experience on packaging. ie: Keg filling and washing, bottle re-fermentation. 
  • Preferably experienced in purchasing raw materials
  • Detail oriented 
  • Ability to perform inventory, yield and loss summaries 
  • Have the ability to work in marketing and beer affiliated events 
  • Preferably have an education and/or experience in winemaking 
  • Have experience with handling barrels and wood vessels (cleaning, maintenance, etc) 
  • Preferably have experience with yeast cultures, propagation and basic lab operations 
  • Preferably have experience with oximeters, cellometers, and basic testing equipment. 
  • Knowledgeable and experienced in line cleaning and bar operations. 
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