Brew House & Cellar Technician

Spencer Brewery

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Spencer Brewery Brew House & Cellar Technician

The Spencer Brewery Brew House & Cellar Technician is responsible for working harmoniously with the brewery team to produce delicious liquid of the highest quality consistently.

This position requires 40 hours weekly (overtime eligible).  The position includes a variable work schedule that is dependent upon the operational needs of the brewery, including but not limited to 12 hour days, second shifts, weekend and holiday work.

The Person: qualities, skills and experience

  • Energetic,  personable, confident, a maturing team player
  • Passionate about craft beer, eager to learn about brewing Trappist and other specialty beers
  • Strong and agile, loves to work – productively, efficiently
  • Comfortable taking direction, working independently and in group settings, as needed
  • Detail oriented, with multi-tasking and time management skills
  • Does well with vertical and horizontal accountability

Some qualifications

  • Foundational knowledge of brew process from ingredient prep to packaging and warehousing
  • Willing to work in all aspects of brewery operations including cleaning and sanitation, brew house and cellar tasks and chores,  packaging and warehousing operations and clean up
  • Computer literate – moving easily from control room console screen to equipment operating throughout brewery
  • Comfortable with maintaining  professional relational boundaries in a complex work environment
  • Ability to lift 55 pounds minimum, with multiple repetitions
  • Comfortable working 8 or more hours on one’s feet
  • Ready to learn about the monastic ambience of the brewery and brand

Responsibilities & Tasks

  • Works directly with brew master to learn all aspects of brew house operatoins, with attention to detail
  • Under brew master’s direction, produce high quality wort according to recipes including, but not limited to, consistently hitting target gravity, IBU, SRM, and volume specifications
  • Prep ingredients for brew days, note and report inventory diminishments to inventory manager
  • Work closely with QA/QC to monitor fermentation and status of individual tanks of beer, monitor and record data for individual batches, fermentation tanks, and raw material performance.
  • Assist in packaging hall as needed, engage in cross-training activities
  • Assist with equipment maintenance
  •  Build collaborative all brewery personnel
  • Participate in staff meetings
  • Participation in annual open house event
  • Actively assist in growing positive workplace attitudes and in maintaining a very clean environment


  • Fork truck operator
  • TIPS certification

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