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Denver Beer Co.

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Our Mission:

The idea behind Denver Beer Co is simple. Good beer is best enjoyed with friends, fresh air, and a bit of adventurous spirit to sharpen the palate. Our craft brewery specializes in artisan and seasonal varieties of premium ales and lagers made from the best ingredients around. Brewed with traditional methods and innovative spirit, our beer is always fresh and flavorful. At Denver Beer Co. we believe life is fun.  

Denver Beer Co is a local brewery in the heart of Denver.  We are growing and looking for a new team member.  The ideal candidate will be outgoing, fun, and ambitious. Passion for beer is a must.

The Position

The production director is responsible for coordination of the entire brewing process.  To be successful at this role you must manage the team, lead and teach the team, and ensure the brewery’s equipment is performing to the highest level.  This position requires vision of what an efficient production brewery can be, writing processes to get us there, training the team on the processes, and holding the team accountable.  The production director will oversee all Denver Beer Co Production Brewery operations.    

This production director is essential to our company culture and must effectively lead our team while maintaining employee morale and contributing to our core values.

Primary Responsibilities.  

The production director has wide-reaching responsibilities that bring them into contact with every department and team member.  Responsibilities include:

  • Lead brewing production from start to finish.  The production director will oversee every aspect of the production process, from the acquisition and processing of raw materials to the canning and kegging of finished beer.   

  • Build a world class team.  The production director is responsible for staffing the production team.  You will also work on training and developing team members to improve their brewery knowledge and skills.  

  • Work with head brewer to create processes and ensure quality is maintained.  The production director will work closely with the head brewer to create processes for large-scale production runs and ensure processes are followed to create consistent beer.  Your job is to ensure our beer is of the highest quality.   

  • Create and manage production budgets.  The production director will work with the controller to create and manage budgets.  You will meet with the leadership team monthly and report and be held accountable for a specific group of metrics.  

  • Continually improves production processes.  The production director must hold the Denver Beer Co value of continual improvement.  We understand there are always ways to brew beer more efficiently and increase the quality and shelf life of the finished beer.  The production director must always be looking at how to improve processes.

  • Ensure the brewery is extremely clean and complies with food and occupational health and safety standards.  We have high standards for brewery cleanliness and organization and the production director is responsible to ensuring all standards are met.


  • Lead the team while maintaining our fun culture

  • Formal brewing qualification

  • Five years experience managing a team

  • Bachelor’s degree in food production or science degree

  • Five years of brewery and production experience

  • Experience in canning equipment and process

  • Proven ability to create Standard Operating Procedures

Physical Demands and Working Conditions:

  • Able to stand for long periods of time (up to 8-10 hours per day).

  • Performing job with and around moving machinery

We offer a competitive wage for this full time position.  Hours can be flexible, however some meetings will be mandatory.  Qualified candidates please send an email to and answer the following questions:

  • 1.  Why is this position a fit for you and why are you a fit for us?

  • 2.  Tell us about a major challenge you faced in the beer industry

  • 3.  Describe your personal philosophy on building a team

  • 4.  How do you feel about the importance and roles of SOP’s vs. staff training in the beer production environment?

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