Two Brothers Brewing Company

Two Brothers Brewing Company

(630) 393-4800
Warrenville, IL
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30W315 Calumet Ave
Warrenville, IL 60555 United States
After spending most of their childhood moving around the world, Jason and Jim Ebel quickly discovered two things about themselves: 1. Their love of travel and desire to learn from different cultures. And 2. No matter where you are, food (more specifically flavors) brings everyone together.
With those two ideologies in mind, the Ebel brothers began the hobby of homebrewing, using a variety of flavors and concepts they learned while traveling the world.
That hobby quickly turned into a business when the brothers started The Brewer’s Coop, a home beer and wine supply store in Naperville, IL. From there, the brothers’ passion for entrepreneurship and craft beer continued to grow and they opened their first microbrewery in May of 1997, becoming an official business in 1998.
After spending 10 years in that location, Jason and Jim moved into a 40,000 square foot brewery in Warrenville, IL in 2007 and remain there to this day.
Over the years the Two Brothers Brewing Company has continued to grow, purchasing and reopening the Roundhouse in Aurora, IL in 2012 and launching the Two Brothers Coffee Roasters in 2013.
The company has also expanded to Arizona after the purchase of the Arizona Beer and Cider Company and - most recently - opening a Tap House and Brewery in Scottsdale in 2015.
Today, Two Brothers Brewing Company remains 100% family owned and employs over 400 people, producing 40,000 barrels of beer a year which is available in 11 states.
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Two Brothers Releases Amplifier IPA

Two Brothers Releases Amplifier IPA

At Two Brothers, we like our beer like we like our music: big, bold and loud. So, when we sat down to come up with a new beer for 2021, it was no surprise that our thoughts were interrupted by the booming bass blasting from the brew hall. A few tunes and beers later, Amplifier IPA was created.

Two Brothers Artisan Brewing Releases Wizard Staff IPA

Two Brothers Artisan Brewing Releases Wizard Staff IPA

It may have taken some mystical powers of epic proportions, but Two Brothers has done what was once thought to be that of legend or folklore: create an easy-drinking, low-alcohol IPA that doesn’t compromise on flavor.

Two Brothers Brewing to Launch Spirits Line

For 21 years Two Brothers Artisan Brewing has been a pioneer in the Chicago craft beer scene with a passion for experimentation and a drive to push the boundaries of flavor. Now, the 100% family-owned company looks to continue that passion with its newest venture, Two Brothers Artisan Spirits.

Two Brothers Brewing Releases 3 New Beers

Two Brothers Brewing Releases 3 New Beers

With a consistent passion for experimentation and innovation, Two Brothers Artisan Brewing is adding three new selections to its award-winning lineup in the coming weeks.

Two Brothers Launches Pinball Pale Ale

Two Brothers Brewing Company launches Pinball Pale Ale, its newest craft beer and most recent addition to their year-round lineup, hitting the market in early February.

Two Brothers Launches Twenty-Plus Pilsner

Twenty-plus years ago, when the craft beer industry was just beginning, Two Brothers Brewing Company got its start in suburban Chicagoland with the goal of creating signature craft beers inspired by many of the great breweries the Ebel brothers experienced while traveling Europe. That was in the fall of 1996, and today in honor of this momentous milestone, Two Brothers debuts its first year-round pilsner, Twenty-Plus. Twenty-Plus is a hop forward pilsner lager that is clean and refreshing, with a pale straw color and dense white head.

Two Brothers’ Atom Smasher and Night Cat Return For Fall

Two Brothers’ Atom Smasher and Night Cat Return For Fall

Two seasonal favorites from Two Brothers Brewing Company are set to return. Atom Smasher Oak Aged Oktoberfest Style Lager and Night Cat Hoppy Wheat Ale will hit taps and stores next week just in time for fall.

Two Brothers Brewing Announces Release of 2016 Summer Seasonal

Brewed as the quintessential beer that will quench your thirst on a hot summer day comes the 2016 summer seasonal beer from award-winning Chicago craft brewers, Two Brothers Brewing Company. As the sun emerges and temperatures rise, “A bretter DAY” is Two Brothers’ take on a Bière de Mars ale, blending house yeast with Brettanomyces yeast and lemon zest, creating a flavorful, yet sessionable ale with 5.5% ABV and 23.1 IBU. “A bretter DAY” tastes like the best days of any summer—dry, earthy and slightly sweet—and will be available later this month.

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Year Round Beers

Beer Name Style
A Bretter Day Ale
The Bitter End Pale Ale
Wobble IPA IPA
Sidekick Extra Pale Ale Pale Ale
Cane and Ebel Red Ale
Prairie Path Ale Golden/Blonde
Ebel's Weiss Bavarian Hefeweisse
Domaine Dupage Amber Ale
Outlaw IPA IPA

Seasonal Beers

Beer Name Style
Atom Smasher Lager

Limited Releases

Beer Name Style
No records to display.

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Past Events

Date Title Type Location
9/22/2019 Two Brothers Oktoberfest 2019
9/22/2019 -- Aurora, IL
Two Brothers Oktoberfest 2019
Festival Aurora, IL
7/27/2019 Two Brothers For The Love Of Hops Festival 2019 Festival Warrenville, IL
9/17/2017 Two Brothers Oktoberfest 2017
9/17/2017 -- Aurora, IL
Two Brothers Oktoberfest 2017
Beer Release Aurora, IL
6/2/2017 Two Brothers Summer Festival 2017
6/2/2017 -- Aurora, IL
Two Brothers Summer Festival 2017
Festival Aurora, IL
3/16/2017 Two Brothers Artisan Brewing 20th Anniversary Party Other Aurora, IL
3/16/2017 Two Brothers Artisan Brewing 20th Anniversary Party Other Aurora, IL
2/19/2017 Two Brothers Cabin Fever Party
2/19/2017 -- Warrenville, IL
Two Brothers Cabin Fever Party
Beer Release Warrenville, IL
12/8/2016 Two Brothers Ugly Sweater Party
12/8/2016 -- Warrenville, IL
Two Brothers Ugly Sweater Party
Other Warrenville, IL
11/13/2015 Revelry Release Party
11/13/2015 -- Aurora, IL
Revelry Release Party
Beer Release Aurora, IL
9/20/2015 Two Brothers Oktoberfest
9/20/2015 -- Aurora, IL
Two Brothers Oktoberfest
Other Aurora, IL
6/26/2015 Two Brothers Summer Festival
6/26/2015 -- Aurora, IL
Two Brothers Summer Festival
Festival Aurora, IL