5/4/2019 -- SLUSH RELEASE | Fruited Sours and Frozen Beer Slushies


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We’ve decided to bring back some of our classic and favorite Slush variants!

It’s officially Slush season, time to crush some fruit!

We’ve decided to bring back some of our classic and favorite Slush variants, as well as put a new twist on some variants for the slushy machine.

Next Friday, May 3, 2019, we are releasing:

Blood Orange Slush, which combines our kettle sour base with whole fruit blood orange purée. Blood Orange Slush is sweet and sour, tart and fruity, and packs a huge blood orange aroma and flavor.

Lemon Limeade Slush, which was one of our most popular frozen Slush variants last year. So, we’re bringing it back as a canned, non-frozen variant for you to take home. Lemon and lime is a crowd favorite in its citrus forward, slightly-tart, and incredibly refreshing simplicity. Lemon Limeade Slush is made by combining our kettle sour base with whole fruit puréed lemons and limes.

FROZEN Purple Slush is a glass of childhood nostalgia. We combined Grape Kool-Aid and our kettle sour base into the slushy machine to create a sweet and sour grape slushy that is perfect for relaxing on the patio while the train passes by.

FROZEN Lemon Limeade Slush FREEZE is something we’ve been wanting to experiment with since last year. We’ve taken our Lemon Limeade Slush variant and added heavy handed doses of lactose and vanilla, then combined them all in the slushy machine. Lemon Limeade Slush FREEZE is Colorado's first-ever sour beer ice cream freeze.

Blood Orange Slush
Lemon Limeade Slush
FROZEN Purple Slush
FROZEN Lemon Limeade Slush with Lactose and Vanilla

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