4/21/2018 -- Cask Ales Fest


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Come celebrate the memories, traditions, and above all, the innovative beer that is Cask Ales Fest.

The first Cask Fest was held at our brewery on River Ave in Patchogue. We’ve come a long way since that snowy day, but one thing has stayed true since 2004: we’ve had a hell of a time in our little parking lot. This year, we invite you to bid farewell to our River Ave home with the official Last Bash at River Ave. Come celebrate the memories, traditions, and above all, the innovative beer that brings fans back year after year to make this the biggest Cask Ales Festival in the country.

We’re going all out for this Last Bash at River Ave. It’s our way of saying thanks to our brewery on River Ave and all the awesome, dedicated Blue Point fans who have made it so special.

Check it out…

The British are coming! The British are coming! Five awesome breweries caught wind of the best Cask Ales Festival across the pond and wanted in. Did you know the British popularized Cask Ales hundreds of years ago in pubs across the UK? Talk about a taste of history.

We put what in beer? Cask Ales are an incredible opportunity to innovate. Cask Master Jim has been hard at work brewing with some unexpected ingredients. Sneak peek: everything bagels, sushi, lavender, creamsicles, and whiskey barrels… just to name a few.

Stop, collaborate, and listen. For the first time in Cask Fest history, you can try exclusive collaboration casks from our friends at Amagansett Sea Salt, Kings County Distillery, Billion Oyster Project, and the National Honey Board. You love their products – why not try them in a beer?

Eeeeeats. Cask Fest Tip #4: Don’t go on an empty stomach. We’ve carefully selected the best of the best local eateries to accompany your sampling of 200+ casks. Stay tuned on social as we release our NEW curated food + cask pairings with each of our delicious food partners:

- Island Empanada

- Chiddy’s Cheesteaks

- Blue Island Oyster

- Noah’s on the Road

- Bobbique

- Brockenzo’s Pizza

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Event listing posted on April 6, 2018 10:28AM