The Meddler

Odell Brewing Co

  • ABV8.9
  • StyleAle
  • Updated10/1/2012

Commercial Description:

A resurrected style from the Flemish region of Belgium, The Meddler oud bruin is a crafty concoction, comprised of several generations of brown ales, barrel aged and blended. Wild yeasts, Lactobacillus, and Brettanomyces meddle with the brew for over 18 months creating complexity and depth of flavor. Hints of malty sweet chocolate and vanilla toy with a hauntingly sour finish. Intricate yet balanced, The Meddler will leave you craving more of the mysterious brew....Read More

Brewbound Review:

The Meddler joins five other beers being released in Odell Brewing’s barrel program during 2012 and this Flanders-style sour brown ale certainly doesn't disappoint. The Meddler is an Oud Bruin Ale, a style that traditionally originates from the Flemish region of Belgium. The beer is comprised of several generations of brown ales, barrel aged and blended. It pours dark brown, almost black in color with a two-finger, frothy tan head. On the nose, there is a healthy dose of chocolate sweetness and tart fruits. Flavor follows the nose, but much more complexity emerges as the beer transitions from the front to the back of the palate. There is a considerable amount of fruit flavor, coupled with a touch of vanilla on the front palate. A hint of chocolate sweetness develops through the middle while a caramel, almost candy apple-like sour flavor presents itself on the finish. Perhaps most striking is how balanced this offering is for 8.9 percent. The beer is incredibly drinkable and the 750 mL bottle makes it perfect for sharing. Overall, The Meddler is yet another quality offering from Odell. All to often, barrel programs lean heavily on a single flavor characteristic – be it wood, bourbon or sour flavors - and forget that a balanced beer is more approachable. It’s incredibly refreshing to enjoy a barrel-aged beer that is both complex and balanced.

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