Lebanese Pale Ale

961 Beer

  • ABV6.3
  • StylePale Ale
  • Updated2/19/2013

Commercial Description:

10,000 years in the making, Lebanese Pale Ale marks the return home for beer. From the land where beer and human civilization were born, comes a new brew that is a marriage of Western brewing tradition, Eastern complexity and a sublime expression of the Lebanese renaissance. A beer inspired straight from the spice markets of Lebanon with distinct Lebanese flavors and innovation. ...Read More

Brewbound Review:

It’s not often you get the privilege of sampling a unique and incredibly creative pale ale. But it’s even rarer when that beer has yet to earn distribution in the states, and comes from over 5,000 miles away. 961 Beer’s, Lebanese Pale Ale is quite a refreshing take on an old classic. Brewed with virtually an entire spice rack, the liquid is more reminiscent of a Mediterranean dish than anything else. Of course, that exactly what Founder and Brewer Mazen Hajjar was going for. Lebanese Pale Ale pours a pale color with light orange hues and a thin white head. Heavy thyme, sage and other herbal spices present themselves immediately on the nose. Similar notes are perceived on the palate. Thyme and sumac give a heavy dose of spice upfront while more subtle notes of anise and mint give this beer a creamy body and a clean finish. While this beer is unbelievably unique, it’s missing that malt backbone that helps you know it’s ‘beer.’ Also, a bit more pronounced hop presence would have helped to balance out the herbs. And while we like the simple and clean label design, more indication of just how spice-filled this beer is will go a long way in the U.S. market. Also, switching to a traditional cap versus a twist-off could help add legitimacy to a brand that will undoubtedly be unknown in the states to start. If nothing else, this beer will challenge you to think outside the box of what “beer” can be.

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