Uinta Brewing Changes Name of Hop Notch IPA Following Trademark Dispute

Uinta Brewing has agreed to change the name of Hop Notch, the brewery’s flagship beer and one of the fastest-growing IPAs in the country, following a request from Massachusetts-based Notch Brewing, which owns trademark for the word “Notch” as it relates to beer and breweries.

Notch Brewing claimed that Hop Notch was creating marketplace confusion.

“We came to an amicable agreement,” said Chris Lohring, the founder of Notch Brewing.

According to a press statement from Uinta Brewing, the Hop Notch brand will be changed to Hop Nosh, but the brewery said the label imagery and recipe will remain unaltered.

“From the iconic florescent green package, adorned with two busy farmers loading a wagon full of hops, to the beer within, the brand hasn’t been altered,” the company stated in a release. “Let’s be clear: the beer is still the same, a ‘top-notch’ IPA that has been enthusiastically received by impassioned craft beer drinkers.”

Uinta Brewing abandoned its own trademark for “Hop Notch” on October 10.

Sales of Hop Notch have grown in 2013, particularly in Massachusetts. Year-to-date shipments of all Uinta beer into the Bay State were up 395 percent through May. According to IRI, a Chicago-based market research firm, year-to-date dollar sales of Hop Notch are up 208 percent through October 6 at national multi-outlets and convenience stores.

In May, Uinta Brewing president Will Hamill told Brewbound that the company will sell 66,000 barrels this year. Hop Notch comprises about 35 percent of the brewery’s total sales volume. By comparison, Notch Brewing, which produces under contract at Two Roads Brewing in Stratford, Conn. and Mercury Brewing in Ipswich, Mass., expects to produce 2,000 barrels of beer in 2013.

Brewery: Notch Brewing Website: http://www.notchsession.com/
Ipswich, MA
Brewery: Uinta Brewing Co Website: http://www.uintabrewing.com
Address: 1722 S Fremont Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
United States
  • a.d.AM

    Are u f*cking kidding me? Do you think anyone drinking craft beer would confuse ur notch brew (who?) with uinta Hop notch ipa? Ur joking right?

  • Dan Binkney

    Hop Nosh? is in my top 5. The new name is bizzare, but damn is it tasty.

  • i<3craftbeer

    Seems to me that this “Notch Brewing” got a bit of free press release from this whole situation. As a craft beer connoisseur I hadn’t even heard of them prior to this so I highly doubt Uinta’s super successfull HopNotch would cause “market confusion”. This is much more likely a clever ploy to get their name mentioned beside a more renown brewery.

  • Harpua

    Notch sucks. I’m from MA, and have had Notch before. They’re just butthurt cuz Unita is way better, and from the other side of the country. Fuck that. Hop Notch FTW.

  • anet

    HopNOTCH??? I’ve been calling it HopScotch !! and wasn’t til today when I saw the NOSH (a change??!) and googled it and I realized it used to be NOTCH

    geez, I need to pay closer attention

    • jon

      I think you might be dyslexic. No offense.

      • Gabo

        Maybe. And then there was the dyslexic agnostic insomniac, who lay awake at night wondering if there was a dog. ;D
        No information as to whether he liked scotch or hoppy beers. (But what discerning person of good taste wouldn’t?)

  • ElRitmo

    I had to Google this when I noticed they changed the Notch on my watch. Nosh sounds kinda stupid and the article left me wondering why Unita couldn’t just buy the nicheless little Notch, but hey…the beer is damn good so you can call it Hip Hop or Hop Snot if you like, I would buy it no matter what.

  • madmaxmedia

    It’s still Hop Notch on the can as of May. Love this beer, don’t care what it’s called…