The Brass Tap to Launch Airport Venue Prototype

TAMPA, Fla. — When Beef ‘O’ Brady’s acquired the rights to franchise The Brass Tap in June 2012, Chief Development Officer James Walker had an incredible idea; open The Brass Tap in airports.

Now, less than one year later, The Brass Tap, the emerging franchise known for its more than 300 craft beers, premium wines, live music and extravagant cigars, has launched a new venue prototype exclusively for airports.

To introduce the new airport-specific franchise opportunity to prospective entrepreneurs, executives from The Brass Tap will exhibit at the ARN Revenue Conference and Exhibition in booth 131 in Las Vegas from Feb. 24 – 26, 2013.

Founded in Tampa, The Brass Tap is best known for highlighting local breweries through ongoing promotions and tasting events, rotating its vast taps regularly and for making hundreds of unique bottled beers available for carry-out. New to The Brass Tap airport locations will be a decadent food menu including the likes of goat cheese and prosciutto salad, marinated olives and Spanish manchego cheese, stout chili and much more.

“The Brass Tap has an incredibly unique position in the marketplace at airports, and its business model and unit-level economics make the franchise opportunity attractive and practical for investors who want to operate their own business,” said James Walker, chief development officer of The Brass Tap. “We are fully committed to opening several airport locations across the country in 2013 and beyond.”

With five open locations, The Brass Tap will open 14 additional units by 2014.

About The Brass Tap

Founded by Jeff Martin in 2007, Tampa, Florida based The Brass Tap is an upscale craft beer and wine bar celebrated for its more than 300 varieties of imports, local craft beers and a large selection of premium wins and cigars. With three open units and 19 signed agreements, The Brass Tap is positioned to quadruple in size in the Southeast and beyond. In June 2012, Beef ‘O’ Brady’s acquired the rights to franchise The Brass Tap.

  • BrokerDon

    Which is it?

    “With five open locations, The Brass Tap will open 14 additional units by 2014.”

    “With three open units and 19 signed agreements”

    Proofreader FAIL 8-)

    • the beer lady

      well brokerDon or broken Don……
      By the end of the article more stores were completed with there permits to open. Since each county is different…..
      and in the business world people sign agreements everyday.
      So you see Mr. Broken.
      as of today DEC. 1st 2013 we have 10 stores open and doing great and one more opening the 2nd week of Jan. 2014 and over 10 +/- will start build out in 2014 and beginging of 2015.
      Any other questions?
      The beer lady