Brewmeister Releases Snake Venom, World’s Strongest Beer at 67.5 Percent

Scotland – Brewmeister have today released the world’s strongest beer named Snake Venom at a whopping 67.5%. The new product beats their own record beer Armageddon at 65% which was released last year.

The beer contains special ingredients to achieve such a high volume of alcohol including smoked peat malt and two types of yeast: beer yeast and champagne yeast.

Unlike normal beers Snake Venom is freeze distilled, a process whereby the fermented beer is frozen and ice is removed to increase the concentration of beer.

Lewis Shand of Brewmeister said “Unlike Armageddon, Snake Venom is not designed to mask the taste of the alcohol. The alcohol is very strong but the beer still tastes like a beer rather than a spirit. It’s hoppy, malty and very pleasant”.

Snake Venom is so strong that Brewmeister has put a warning label on the neck of the bottle warning drinkers to beware.

Aberdeen University in collaboration with Brewmeister will be testing the beer to confirm the brewery results.

The beer is currently sold online for £50.

  • thebeerman

    Cant wait to taste it, already ordered mine from

  • Skaught Wrustle

    That sounds absolutely awful.

  • Unbeliever

    This is a scam.

    The Brewmeister website looks as a 10-years-old’s lame attempt in html.
    Laboratory tests of their previous “strongest beer” Armageddon have shown, that it did not even come close to 20% ABV! Not speaking 60s…

    You can check the articles for yourselves, you can use google translate:

    Then there is the obvious pitiful effort to look like Brewdog’s younger brother.
    Creating beers like this is no easy game. After Schorschbrau stole the record from Brewdog once again with their 57% ABV beer, they stated in interviews, that achieving higher ABV would be very difficult, and in fact impossible with their technology

    Here, some completely unknown guys step in, equipped with a really lame website and really basic equipment (just watch the video here it is a bad joke. And the only photo on their website implies they do not even have a bottling machine).

    All in all – I will say it again. This is a scam. These guys deserve to be beggared by lawsuits, reduced to drinking Heineken.

    • JD_brew

      Wow…the video link you posted… That was ridiculously basic and completely unrefined, I’m on board with believing they’re scammers

  • erniepf

    Sorry, mates, but that shite is not a beer. Overdone spirits, for sure. Fek Shand and the rest of em. Stick with beer, ya GD pollywogs, and stop calling this stuff beer.