2012 Samuel Adams Utopias Could Exceed 28 Percent ABV

The 10th Anniversary edition of Samuel Adams Utopias – the high gravity offering from Boston Beer Company (BBC) that drinks more like a fine cognac than a beer – is shaping up to be a record breaker.

Boston Beer founder Jim Koch is on a quest to, quite literally, blur the lines between beer and spirits with his naturally-fermented Utopias, a brew that will exceed the 27 percent ABV barrier that marked last year’s vintage.

A BBC press release states that “the 2012 batch is a blend of liquids, some of which have been aged in a variety of wood barrels for 19 years.” Moreover, “the long aging process enhances the beer’s distinct vanilla and maple notes, and its high alcohol content creates a heated aroma of ginger and cinnamon.”

Utopias will net out at between 28-30 percent ABV in 2012, making it one of the strongest naturally fermented beers in the world. And this year’s limited-edition release is bottled in specially designed black decanters that, like previous editions, are shaped in the form of a brew kettle.

Utopias will be distributed in 35 states beginning in October, and has a suggested retail price of $160.00 per bottle. Only 15,000 bottles of Utopias will be available to the public.

Brewery: Boston Beer Company Website: http://www.samueladams.com
Address: 30 Germania St
Boston, MA 02130
United States
  • http://twitter.com/somenerd somenerd

    Record “breaker”? 28% ABV would only tie it for the existing record for a fermented beer (as opposed to freeze-distilled) set by Ghost Deer…
    Not to nitpick or anything, J… ;)

    • chrisfurnari

      Hi James. Thanks for the comment.
      You are correct, Ghost Deer does in fact check in at 28 percent, and should Utopias be finalized at that ABV, it would only tie the record for a “naturally fermented” beer.
      Press materials state it could “net out between 28-30 percent ABV.” So because the door is open for it to break that ABV, we decided to write that this year’s edition is in fact “shaping up to be a record breaker.”

      Thanks for reading and hope you are able to get your hands on some Utopias!

  • http://www.facebook.com/DannyThunder Daniel Askungen Toivonen

    Will there only be this special anniversary bottle or will the “standard” sell as well?

    • G

      Just the special anniversary bottle. The “standard” has typically been sold every other year (2003, 05, 07, 09,11); 2012 being an exception for the 10th anniversary.

  • C

    So When and where can I get this?

  • Utopias question

    I have a question if you happen to know. Everyone in my area is selling this for $199. Are they price gouging or is the $160 listed above incorrect? Any idea?

    • http://twitter.com/acurtis420 Alan Curtis

      $199 is fair. Cost is in the $145 range

  • http://www.facebook.com/poeticwon Matthew Alvarado

    I can’t find this in VA. I know its scheduled to release this month. How difficult will this be to find?