Craft beer industry news, events, and jobs. 2017-02-26T16:00:45Z Press Release <![CDATA[Big Storm, Zephyrhills and Craft Life Brewing Release Collaboration Beer]]> 2017-02-24T21:56:54Z 2017-02-26T16:00:45Z

Odessa, FL  Big Storm Brewing Co announced today the release of a collaboration beer with other Pasco County brewers, Zephyrhills and Craft Life called “Open Spaces Porter.” The Pasco breweries will unveil the limited, draft-only brew at the “Meet the Pasco Brewer” event scheduled for 6 p.m. Saturday, March 11 at Big Storm’s location in Odessa as the finale of the 2017 Tampa Bay Beer Week celebration.

Sitting down to discuss the beer style with Big Storm’s Head Brewer, Joel Moore, were Tim Foley and Robert Hilferding of Craft Life Brewing and Zephyrhills Brewing Company respectively. It was apparent early on how important it was to use ingredients in this collaborative beer sourced in Pasco County. The honey used in the beer is from Queen Kathleen and the citrus puree is from Kumquat Growers located in Dade City, Florida.

The Pasco County Economic Development Council has done an amazing job promoting the area as one of great opportunity for growing businesses,” said Mike Bishop, Founder of Big Storm Brewery. “The Open Spaces – Vibrant Places campaign launched earlier this year by the Pasco EDC was the inspiration behind the name, as it speaks to our shared spirit of collaboration, teamwork and love of the area,” Bishop explained.

All the collaborative brewers will participate in a “Meet the Pasco Brewer” event at Big Storm, and be on hand to discuss the process with the public. Party-goers will be able to try the Open Spaces Porter, as well as several other beers from all the participating breweries. There will be also be live music and food trucks during the event. The party will mark the end of Tampa Bay Beer Week, an annual eight-day celebration of the local Tampa Bay craft beer culture that showcases the area as an emerging and vibrant craft and specialty beer destination.

About Big Storm
Big Storm Brewing Co is one of the fastest growing independent craft breweries in Florida.  Founded in 2012 by Mike Bishop, Big Storm now has two brewing and taproom facilities in Tampa Bay.  Led by Head Brewer, Joel Moore, Big Storm’s innovative craft beers have received critical acclaim for the past four consecutive years, winning 2016’s Best Florida Beer Championship with their Oktoberfest Marzen Lager.  Today, Big Storm is a true pioneer using locally sourced ingredients like citrus and wild flower honey, brewing more than 20 different beers, including their popular Arcus IPA, Wavemaker® Amber Ale, Helicity® Pilsner and Oates in Hose Oatmeal Stout.   Available in most local Publix, Whole Foods, Total Wine and ABC Liquors, Big Storm is not just craft beer, but great beer.  

For additional information visit


Press Release <![CDATA[Upland’s Sour Program Expands to New York with Remarkable Liquids]]> 2017-02-24T21:48:36Z 2017-02-25T17:00:16Z

Bloomington, IN — Upland Brewing Co. is bringing wood-aged sour ales to New York this spring with launch events the final week of February. Upland began brewing traditional wood-aged sours in 2006 and will soon celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Wood Shop Sour Ale Brewery, a facility focused on innovation and exploration. Upland and distributor Remarkable Liquids have partnered to bring these beers to one of the largest craft beer markets in the country.

“Selling our wood-aged sours in New York is a big accomplishment for the brewery. Over a decade of hard work has gone into growing our program and launching this market is an exciting payoff for those efforts,” said Dusty Howe, Upland Sour Beer Brand Manager.

Howe and Spencer Noakes from Remarkable Liquids first met at the Craft Brewer’s Conference last year in Philadelphia, PA. “We partnered with the team at Remarkable Liquids because they are truly building something special. Their collective distribution experience, along with a dedicated team of employees, make them the perfect extension of our brewery in New York.”

“Remarkable Liquids is committed to working with only the world’s greatest suppliers, introducing to New York only the most innovative, sometimes sublime, and always wonderful fermented beverages. At a time when people are experimenting, educating themselves, and falling in love with sour beers, we think Upland is an absolute must along that journey. The breadth and quality of what is coming out of their Wood Shop Brewery is second to none,” said Spencer Noakes, Remarkable Liquids General Manager.

The first Upland sour ales to make their way to New York are Peach, Iridescent, and Revive, along with a limited number of small batch beers for the launch. Peach is one of Upland’s most sought-after whole-fruited ales, using local peaches—7000 lbs. to be exact—with a half pound going into each bottle. Iridescent and Revive are the results of small-batch experiments to find unique flavor combinations—dried apricot and ginger for Iridescent, pineapple and chamomile for Revive.

Peach can be found in 750ml bottles and Iridescent and Revive in 500ml bottles in select bottle shops and on draught in beer-focused bars and restaurants, including Torst and Proletariat. Special launch events are planned for the week of February 27.

About Upland Brewing Co.
Located in Bloomington, Indiana, Upland Brewing Co. has an intriguing brewing story that dates back to 1998. Our mission is to brew remarkable beers in remarkable ways, staying true to the artisan, progressive spirit found in our part of the Midwest. Upland is currently the third largest brewery in Indiana and brews more than 50 different styles of beer annually.

Press Release <![CDATA[Silver City Brewery Announces New Flagship Brew: Tropic Haze India Pale Ale]]> 2017-02-24T21:42:44Z 2017-02-25T15:00:22Z

Bremerton, WA — With a movement consisting of nearly five-thousand-strong breweries, each cranking out dozens of recipes, one could believe that every possible style had been explored. Ales, lagers, and the ambiguous in-between; light malts, dark malts, adjuncts, fruits, and spices- we’ve barrel-aged it all, soured it all, served it on nitro, served it on cask, and pushed it through a randall. Who would have known that the latest innovation would be derived via a return to minimalism, and re-imagining how beer’s most basic ingredients are utilized?

Recent years have seen the dawn of what many believe to be an emerging new category of India Pale Ale- the “Hazy” or “Juicy” IPA. A mysteriously opaque brew that visually evokes comparisons more in line with Sunny D than your typical ale, controversy has erupted as to whether or not this brew genuinely deserves to be classified as its own style. As with with any component of popular culture, brews such as these have gained their share of elitist dissenters, decrying the “Haze Craze” as the headlines speak of it, but honestly we don’t give a rat’s ass about rhetorical nonsense, because when executed properly*, the beer is freaking delicious.

*Note: Rumor on the streets has it that certain brewers have attempted to “cheat” the haze by adding baking flower or by leaving an undesirable amount of yeast in suspension. We refer not to these.

A symptom of this supreme deliciousness, beers of this of this “style” are exceptionally difficult to find, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, where the brewing of these beers is largely uncharted territory. In order to experience the acclaimed and coveted hazy, juicy IPA, the band of brewers at Silver City Brewery explored back-channel beer trading avenues until a thriving collection had been assembled for tasting. We fell in love. A tounge-punch of intense fruit flavor with a formidable yet silky body & mouthfeel, and a remarkably clean finish.This type of beer was unlike anything the crew had experienced. As each can of the stylistic frontrunners had been cracked and poured, the beer was hazy, but it was becoming pilsner-clear what we had to do.

Pale malt, flaked wheat, rolled oats, and hops. Who would have known that this degree of innovation could be derived via such extreme minimalism? The haze is in the details- or in this case, the yeast. It was discovered that a specific variety of ale yeast, when in the presence of oats and wheat, blossoms into both a rich spectacle and a unique canvas in which to imbue an extraordinary degree of hop flavor & aroma. When properly finished, the resulting beer contains little to no yeast in suspension, despite its opacity.

Now that the secrets of the haze had revealed themselves, the brewers of Silver City got to work. Not content to merely emulate the existing heady chart-toppers, but to instead imagine the inspiring ways this canvas of flavor could be utilized, they dove into the top-secret chest of experimental hop samples, cold-stored deep within the brewery laboratory. After several pilot brewing sessions, one particular new hop variety (that shall not be named) absolutely screamed when combined with this newfound brewing technique. When blind-tasted, close friends and lovers of beer insisted that we had incorporated pineapple juice, mango, or orange into the hazy brew- flavor components all achieved via this extraordinary new hop. Reminiscent of getting hazed on a hot Miami beach over cool, tropical drinks, Tropic Haze India Pale Ale had come to life, in all of its flickering neon glory.

A long-gestating project, and one that we’re immensely proud to reveal, Tropic Haze India Pale Ale is finally ready to take its place in Silver City Brewery’s flagship lineup of ales, joining distinguished favorites such as Ridgetop Red Ale and Nice Day IPA. The beer will be available year-round on draft and in 6-packs of 12oz cans throughout all of Washington State and Northern Idaho, beginning with its formal release Thursday, February 24th at Silver City Brewery Taproom and Silver City Restaurant & Ale House.

About Silver City Brewery
For most in the Puget Sound, when you look west at the Olympic Mountains you’re looking right at the “Silver City”. The convergence point right before you jump off into the wilderness of the Olympic National Forest on your way to the Pacific Ocean, resting between the edge of the Puget Sound and the base of the Olympic Mountains, rests Silver City. This Urban-Suburban experience is a sweet brewer’s mash of Seattle city life and breathtaking outdoor adventure, all within ones reach. Beer, well made, brings the people of the “Silver City” together in celebration of having it all.

Silver City Restaurant & Brewery is the Kitsap Peninsula’s premier destination for award-winning, handcrafted beers, Northwest-inspired food, legendary hospitality, and great memories in a fun, friendly environment.

Silver City was started in 1996 by Co-owners Steve & Scott Houmes, and it remains a locally owned and operated family establishment. Silver City Brewery’s handcrafted beers are available on draft, in 22oz bottles, and 12oz bottle & aluminum can 6-packs around the Western Washington area in bars, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Silver City Brewery’s production facility & brewery taproom is located at 206 Katy Penman Ave. in Bremerton, WA. Silver City Restaurant is located in Silverdale at 2799 NW Myhre Rd.

Press Release <![CDATA[Modern Times Releasing Effective Dreams IPA]]> 2017-02-24T22:02:04Z 2017-02-24T22:02:04Z

San Diego, CA — March’s 16oz special release can is on its way, and we are super psyched about it. It’s called Effective Dreams IPA, and it’ll be a collaboration brew with the folks at Great Notion Brewing in Portland. More details on this beast are coming down the line soon, but for now we’ll just say that you can expect a hazy, juicy bundle of awesomeness that we would not advise missing out on. This will be hitting BPT in March, along with a thrilling assortment of bottles.

Even more exciting is that we’ll be distributing a very limited amount of this soul-satifsying ambrosia in the Portland area. More info on the beer, sale, and availability will be hitting emails and social media soon.

IN EXTREMELY EXCITING PILOT BATCH NEWS, we’ve got a rad new beer on tap at the Fermentorium. It’s called Orange Boom, and it’s a magnificently crushable kettle-soured saison that we loaded with ludicrous amounts of orange & mango and fermented with our Lomaland yeast blend and lactobacillus. The resulting beverage sports a tart, funky profile that absolutely explodes with fruity awesomeness. It’s a fantastic voyage of deeply quenching complexity that’s on draft now in Point Loma, and will be hitting the North Park Flavordome tomorrow. Quantities are limited, so plan your drinking schedule accordingly.


Justin Kendall <![CDATA[Last Call: Amazon Go to Sell Beer and Wine; Zima Returns; San Diego Breweries Struggle]]> 2017-02-24T21:34:53Z 2017-02-24T21:23:28Z

Amazon Plans to Sell Beer, Wine in High-Tech Seattle Convenience Store

Amazon is taking to-go beer to the next level. The e-commerce goliath is planning to sell beer and wine at Amazon Go, the cashier-free, brick-and-mortar convenience store scheduled to open on the ground floor of its Seattle office tower in the first half of this year. And, according to Recode, an employee will still check IDs to confirm shoppers buying alcohol are of legal drinking age.

“When we start offering beer and wine, there will be an associate checking identification,” an Amazon spokesperson wrote Recode in an email.

When Amazon Go opens, sensors, cameras and computer vision will reportedly record transactions and charge purchases to customers’ existing Amazon accounts as shoppers take items without stopping to pay.

Zima Making a Comeback

Do you believe in zecond chances? MillerCoors does. The global beer giant is reviving Zima, the once-dead malt beverage known as “zomething different.”

Crain’s confirmed that the clear, citrus-flavored beverage, first introduced in 1993 and discontinued in the U.S. in 2008, is getting a second life — thanks in part due to the success of the alcoholic beverage giant’s Henry’s Hard Soda line.

“If you’re one of the zillion fans who have missed Zima, the answer should be clear,” MillerCoors said in a statement.

Zima, which clocks in at 4.7 percent ABV, is expected to be on store shelves at some point in 2017. It remains popular in Japanese night clubs.

Brewdog’s Columbus Brewery and Taproom Now Open

As of Monday, Brewdog’s long-awaited U.S. brewery and taproom is open to the public, the Scottish beer makers announced on their blog.

Here’s what to expect: The taproom, dubbed DogTap Columbus, will serve 12 draft beers (and soon, 24) from Brewdog and other craft breweries in the Columbus area and beyond.

“To celebrate the doors opening we have air-freighted fresh BrewDog beer direct from our kegging line in Scotland to give our new neighbours the ultimate chance to find out what we are about,” the blog post reads.

The brewpub also serves “freshly-cooked-to-order burgers, salads, pizzas, awesome bar bites and sharing boards,” according to the site.

San Diego Breweries Closing, Stone CEO Comments on Layoffs

Even craft beer mecca San Diego isn’t immune to the category’s slowdown.

The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that Carlsbad’s On-The-Track has closed after five years and that Poway’s Lightning will be next if owner Jim Crute isn’t able to sell his brewery.

Crute reportedly blamed Lightning’s woes on Stone Distributing ending it agreement to distribute his German-style beers, as well as the lack of foot traffic by his business.

“You can be a small brewery nowadays,” Crute told the paper, “but you have to be really focused on sales that go directly to the public.”

Speaking of Stone, CEO Dominic Engels told the newspaper that laying off 5 percent of the company’s workforce — about 60 people — was a “one-time correction.”

“We had never done something like that before, nor do we intend to do it again,” Engels told the outlet.

Also of note: San Marcos-based Stumblefoot was recently sold to entrepreneurs Cameron Rentch and Cory Schmelzer.

Guinness Donating up to $100,000 for ‘Stache Photos

Guinness drinkers know the ‘stache. It’s the foamy remnants of that first sip of the iconic Irish stout. Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, that mustache can help benefit nonprofits through the Guinness Gives Back Fund.

Through March 19, the Irish brewer will donate $1 — up to $100,000 — to its charitable wing every time users tag @GuinnessUS and use the hashtag #StacheForCharity when posting a selfie of themselves sporting a ‘stache on social media.

“Let’s face it, now’s as good a time as any to raise a pint,” Guinness Brand Director Emma Giles said in a press release. “We need to reconnect with what can bring us together as family, friends, coworkers, Americans, and most basically, human beings. St. Patrick’s Day is almost here and few, if any, holidays are as unifying or as celebratory.”

Growler Chill Raises More Than $600,000 via Kickstarter

Growler Chill claims to have solved growlers’ “perishability problem.” And 1,658 people (and counting) believe in the product’s solution for extending the life of the glass 32- and 64-ounce take-home containers, investing more than $600,000 — more than tripling its $175,000 original goal — in the start-up’s Kickstarter campaign.

So what is Growler Chill? It’s a household counter tap system that keeps up to three growlers “cold and fresh” by creating keg-like conditions.

“The response from the public and breweries, who have purchased Growler Chills and helped us share our story, has been tremendous,” Growler Chill inventor Randy Hollister said in a press release. “The performance of our Kickstarter program has proven the market demand for a counter tap that allows consumers to keep craft beer cold and on-tap at their house.”

There’s still time left to donate — the initiative ends February 28.

South Seattle Breweries Form Coalition, Release Brewery Tour Map

Craft beer drinkers are notoriously promiscuous, but 14 South Seattle breweries are now encouraging the disloyalty. The South Seattle Brewery Coalition released a new map highlighting three walking routes for visiting the area’s craft breweries.

“One of the things that makes the Seattle beer community so incredible is a dedication to supporting one another,” Dan Armerding, tasting room lead at Two Beers Brewing Co., said in a press release. “South Seattle offers something for everyone, and our goal is to spread the love and give you an excuse to drink someone else’s beer.”

Here are the suggested routes:

First Avenue
Ghostfish Brewing Co.
Seapine Brewing Co.
Schooner Exact Brewing Co.
Two Beers Brewing Co.

Georgetown Brewing
Elysian Brewing
Machine House Brewing
Lowercase Brewing
Jellyfish Brewing Co.
Counterbalance Brewing Co.
Tin Dog Brewing Co.

Rainier Avenue
Perihelion Brewery
Flying Lion Brewing
NW Peaks Brewing

Get more information here.

Press Release <![CDATA[Two Beers Brewing’s Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout Returns]]> 2017-02-23T21:42:07Z 2017-02-24T18:00:23Z

Seattle, WA – Two Beers Brewing Company is excited to announce the return of its award-winning Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout, part of the brewery’s popular Alta Series. A style born out of the cold north and the Russian courts desire for rich, toasty brews, Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout has been barrel aged in brandy barrels for six months, coming in at an impressive 12 percent ABV. A deep, multilayered beer, its thick, smooth body carries immense, complex flavors of coffee, plums, chocolate, vanilla and highland peat under a deep milk-chocolate creamy head.

“This big beer is one we look forward to every year,” said Joel VandenBrink, founder and CEO of Two Beers Brewing Co. “I always encourage everyone I know to pick up three bottles. One for now, one for a friend, and one for aging!”

Hitting taps at The Woods tasting room beginning this Thursday, February 23, wax-dipped bottles will also be available for purchase. With only 30 cases available in-house, craft beer lovers are encouraged to take advantage of the Washington Beer Open House this Saturday, February 25 from 12-5pm to pick up their bottles, enjoy tours, specialty taps and more.

Featuring a collection of bold, complex ales – each reaching above 12.0 percent ABV and boasting its own distinct personality – the Alta Series has been handcrafted to offer a unique twist with every sip. Whether its the complexity obtained by aging in brandy barrels or unique twist provided by a complex blend of ingredients, the Alta Series sets out to distinguish itself from the others and reach the upper limits.

All Two Beers Brewing products can be found at retailers, bars, and restaurants throughout Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. They can also be enjoyed at The Woods tasting room in SoDo (4660 Ohio Ave S), shared with Seattle Cider Company, where craft beer lovers can enjoy pints, tasters, packaged products and more. For more information, follow Two Beers Brewing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@twobeersbrewing), or visit

Press Release <![CDATA[Coronado Brewing and Cigar City Brewing Release Conquista IPA]]> 2017-02-23T21:29:35Z 2017-02-24T16:59:45Z

San Diego, CA — Coronado Brewing and Cigar City Brewing are no strangers to good IPA’s, so it only made sense for these two award-winning breweries to join forces on a hop-forward collaboration: Conquista IPA. Cigar City Brewmaster, Wayne Wambles, partnered with Coronado Brewmaster, Ryan Brooks, to brew a west coast-inspired IPA featuring Polaris, a new German varietal prized for its complex pineapple and herb notes. “Wayne and I both love IPA’s and we wanted to brew something we’d enjoy drinking,” says Ryan Brooks, Brewmaster, Coronado Brewing Company. “We knew we wanted the beer to be dank and juicy, and we definitely achieved that with Conquista.”

Brooks flew to Wolnzach, Germany to hand-select the Polaris hops used for this beer. “It was important for me to try different lots of this hop to ensure the batch we selected was perfect,” says Brooks. A blend of Polaris, Equinox, and Simcoe gives the beer earthy, resiny, ripe mango, and herbaceous notes. The beer is then dry-hopped with same hop blend for a pleasant ripe-fruit aroma, with hint of spice. “We had a lot of fun brewing this beer together,” says Brooks. “It was awesome having Wayne fly in to help with the brew and we’re excited for people to try it.”

Conquista is available in 22oz bombers and on draft throughout Coronado’s distribution network. Fans are invited to stop by the Coronado Tasting Room beginning this Friday to pick up fresh bottles before they hit retail shelves. For more information about Conquista IPA, please visit Stay Coastal. Cheers.

Label Copy

Like the Conquistadores exploring new lands, Coronado and Cigar City Brewing have set out to brew an IPA in unchartered waters. Conquista showcases the recently introduced German hop, Polaris, known for its high alpha acids and distinct pineapple and herbaceous notes. This collaboration IPA is sure to stake a claim on your taste buds.

Specs6.5% ABV 55 IBU 

About Coronado Brewing Company
In 1996, when craft beer was still a foreign term and San Diego County was home to only a handful of breweries, the Chapman brothers, Ron and Rick, opened a brewpub in their hometown of Coronado. Today Coronado Brewing stays true to its San Diego roots, brewing a diverse portfolio specializing in abundantly hoppy West Coast-style ales, available in 19 US states and 12 countries. In addition to the long-established pub in Coronado, the company operates a tasting room inside its San Diego production facility, and a tasting room and restaurant in Imperial Beach, California. Coronado Brewing Company is the proud recipient of one of the brewing industry’s most prestigious awards-World Beer Cup Champion Brewery and Brewmaster for a Mid-Size Brewing Company, 2014.Links:Website: Facebook: Instagram: @CoronadoBrewing Twitter: @CoronadoBrewing #MermaidSighting#StayCoastal

Justin Kendall <![CDATA[People Moves: Ska Brewing Hires New COO; 4th Generation Takes Over Louis Glunz Beer]]> 2017-02-24T16:43:29Z 2017-02-24T16:43:29Z

Steve Breezley

Ska Brewing Names New COO

Ska Brewing has hired industry veteran Steve Breezley as the company’s new COO.

“We’ve always admired Breeze’s work, and by that I mean that we’ve consumed copious amounts of the beers he’s been responsible for over the years,” Ska president and CEO Dave Thibodeau said in a press release. “There simply is no better fit for us and the exciting plans we have for the future.”

Breezley comes to Ska after 14 years as a brewer and later COO of Avery Brewing in Boulder, Colo., and most recently as an independent brewing and management consultant. Last October, he was named to the board of directors of Wyoming upstart Melvin Brewing.

Breezley will be based out of Ska’s Durango, Colo., headquarters.

“Breezley has been working with Ska’s management at the brewery for the past three months in a consulting capacity and has already brought a tremendous amount of knowledge and earned respect from all of Ska’s staff,” Thibodeau said in the release. “He cares genuinely about the people involved in what we do. He also cares deeply about the beer and brings with him a wealth of brewing knowledge that will help us remain relevant as we continue to grow as a company.”

Jerry (left) and Jack Glunz

Louis Glunz Beer Announces Series of Executive Moves

Chicagoland craft and specialty import beer distributor Louis Glunz Beer Inc. is now in the hands of the family-owned business’ fourth generation after longtime president and owner Jack Glunz promoted Jerry Glunz, his son, to president.

“I am honored to be given this opportunity to carry on the winning tradition that we have enjoyed at Louis Glunz Beer Inc.,” Jerry Glunz said in a press release, “and I look forward to introducing a lot of great beers to our friends in the Chicagoland area as well as throughout the country as the exclusive importer of Hirter, Haacht, and Stiegl.”

In 32 years with the company, Jerry Glunz has served in a number of roles, most recently general manager. Previously, he had worked as a merchandiser, sales rep, brand manager and sales manager.

Meanwhile, his father, Jack Glunz, will assume the role as CEO and will remain active in the business, advising and guiding the fourth and fifth generations.

Filling the role of general manager will be Ignacio Gonzales, who previously worked for two decades as vice president and CFO of Heritage Wine Cellars, a Niles, Illinois-headquartered wine and craft spirits distributor and importer.

In a press release, the company credited Gonzales with taking Heritage Wine Cellars “from $6 million in sales and 24 employees to $83 million in sales and 160 employees.”

Louis Glunz Beer is one of the oldest beer distributors in the country and boasts a varied portfolio of craft, import and domestic beers.

Press Release <![CDATA[Braxton Brewing Release Haven Hefeweizen in Upside Down Cans]]> 2017-02-23T18:29:06Z 2017-02-24T16:27:29Z

Covington, KY — Beginning in March, Braxton Brewing Company will begin canning one of their most popular seasonal offerings — Haven Hefeweizen. Available for a limited time, Haven is a 5.2% ABV full-flavored and easy-drinking wheat perfect for the Spring months. Six packs of 12 oz. cans will be released in the taproom on Friday, March 3rd.

“With its introduction on draft last year, Haven quickly became one of our most popular beers,”said Jake Rouse, Braxton Brewing Company’s Co-founder and CEO. “When we aimed to create the Spring seasonal can, we wanted to bring to light a little known fact about Hefeweizens. We collaborated with Durham Brand & Co. to design the can to be stored upside down. Once turned right side up, the yeast comes out of suspension and you pour a perfect pint!”

Haven Hefeweizen cans will be available at select retailers and liquor stores across the brewing company’s distribution network in Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Dayton, Lexington and Louisville. It will also be available at bars and restaurants on draft.

The beer’s logo is intentionally designed upside down. This is to encourage consumers to store the beer upside down. This method of storage is preferred with unfiltered Hefeweizens. As the can reads, “this hefe should be stored upside down until it’s time to lift one to life.” You can learn more about this method of storage from our Head Brewer Adam here.

“With our teams deep history in brewing German beer styles, we thought it would be fit to finally package one of our favorites,” said Evan Rouse, Braxton Brewing Company Co-Founder and COO. “Fortunately, it’s also been one of our customers favorites and we can’t wait to share it with them.”

The can’s description reads: “Like this Hefeweizen, may your Haven be unfiltered and full of life. Turn it up and enjoy the moment. Haven showcases yeast driven flavors and aromas, known for its banana and clove characteristics. A medium bodied, full flavored and easy drinking unfiltered wheat beer, this hefe should be stored upside down until it’s time to lift one to life.”

Braxton Brewing Company will release cans in their taproom on Friday, March 3rd. Cans will be delivered to retail outlets the following week.

Helping bring this brand to life, Braxton Brewing Co. has worked with Durham Brand & Co. to create Haven’s seasonal brand and can design.

“Each new Seasonal offering from Braxton has it’s own unique design twist, but for this Hefeweizen we’re not twisting, we’re flipping the can and educating the consumer on the preferred storage style of this unfiltered beer,” said Austin Dunbar, Durham Brand & Co. owner. “The beauty of the word ‘Haven’ is its legibility upside down and right-side up – so it only made sense to demonstrate the drinking experience in a visual and verbal way. Trust us.”

To learn more about Haven, visit Braxton Brewing Company’s website. Follow Braxton Brewing Company on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in-the-know.

Press Release <![CDATA[Sockeye Brewing Releasing New Rotating Barrel-Aged Bottle Series]]> 2017-02-23T18:37:40Z 2017-02-24T15:25:51Z

Boise, ID — Sockeye Brewing from Boise, Idaho is excited to announce the release of the “Soaked in Oak” rotating barrel aged 750ml bottle series. In addition to the specialty beers Sockeye has offered in the past, this series will serve as a platform for the most unique and complex barrel aged beers. Sockeye will release a different style every three months, offering noteworthy ingredients meant to complement and enhance the character from the barrel aging process. Beginning with Salty Bear Dark Caramel Gose at the end of February, the Soaked in Oak series will also offer Peach Creek Fruited Sour (July-October), Seven Devils Imperial Stout (November-January), and Dangerous Golden Stout (2018).

Each base beer spends a minimum of 10 months in oak before being bottled, and ranges from 6.5-9.5% alcohol by volume. Production and distribution will be limited for this specialty brewer’s reserve with an annual yield of no more than 80 cases per style. Sockeye’s head of the barrel aging and sour program, Tim Spanbauer, states “The idea behind this series is to give [craft beer] drinkers a look in to the more complex side of brewing. The way these styles interact with the oak and change over time is really remarkable to witness and is a different experience for everyone.”

Upon release, each style will be available for sale at both Sockeye pubs as well as select stores throughout the Treasure Valley. Enjoy right away or cellar and share with friends later!

About Sockeye Brewing
Sockeye Brewing has been brewing Idaho Handcrafted beers for over 20 years. Originally offered as a locally brewed beer option for surrounding bars and restaurants, Sockeye Brewing continues to grow with the rising demand for quality craft beer in Idaho and the rest of the northwest. Today, Sockeye Brewing is home to two brewpubs in Boise, is one of the top producing craft breweries in Idaho, and is considered a cornerstone in the Idaho craft beer industry. Our beers are currently available in seven states with more plans of expansion on the horizon. Learn more about Sockeye at Drink like a fish!

Press Release <![CDATA[Savor…Chicago and Brickstone Brewery Unveil McCormick Place Everyday Ale]]> 2017-02-24T15:15:13Z 2017-02-24T15:15:13Z

Chicago, IL — Brewed including hops grown in the rooftop garden atop McCormick Place’s West Building, McCormick Place Everyday Ale is a refreshing Session Ale with a light malt backbone and hopped with Citra, Amarillo and Cascade hops. It is the country’s first branded ale brewed for a convention center using locally-sourced ingredients.

The thirst-quenching ale is the result of SAVOR…Chicago working with local BrickStone Brewery to create a McCormick Place-branded brew that uses hops grown in McCormick Place’s rooftop garden. McCormick Place Everyday Ale is available in both cans and on tap, only in select McCormick Square and BrickStone locations. The Ale will be launched during the 2017 Chicago Auto Show and be available throughout the year.

“For many visitors coming to Chicago for a trade show, McCormick Place may be the spot where they spend most of their time. We want to introduce these visitors to the region’s many wonderful makers, brewers, and bakers,” explained Doug Bradley, SAVOR…Chicago Vice President of Culinary. “This local partnership is a great way for us to support the Illinois region and produce a flavorful, uniquely Chicago brew.”

“From the start of this project in talks last year, it was a great experience to work with SAVOR… to develop a product that best portrays BrickStone & McCormick Place as a team. From the beer development to the can design, we had a great time working together. We hope every guest gets a chance to try McCormick Place Every Day Ale and enjoys drinking it as much as we enjoyed brewing it,” Tommy Vasilakis, one of BrickStone’s Founders and Brewers.

BrickStone Brewery first opened its doors in 2006 and started with a 5-barrel brewing system. Today, BrickStone is well known for its diverse selection of award-winning beers, including 2012 GABF gold medal and 2012 World Beer Cup bronze medal APA and 2013 GABF gold medal Belgo APA. They are located in Bourbonnais, Illinois.

About McCormick Square
The McCormick Square campus features McCormick Place — the largest exhibition and meeting facility in North America — which offers 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space, 173 meeting rooms, one of the largest ballrooms in the world and the 4,249-seat Arie Crown Theater. Located on Chicago’s lakefront just minutes from downtown, McCormick Place is owned the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority and is managed by SMG, a worldwide convention management company. In the fall of 2017, these existing facilities will be joined by the 10,000-seat Wintrust Arena and the 1,205-room Marriott Marquis Chicago. For more information, please visit or on and

SAVOR, a leader in convention center catering, concessions and special events, took over McCormick Place foodservice operations September 28, 2011. SAVOR is part of SMG, the largest public facilities management company in the world, including McCormick Place as of August 1, 2011. In 2010, 17 convention centers where SAVOR provides food and beverage service won prestigious Prime Site Awards from Facilities & Destinations.

SAVOR is an industry leader in introducing green standards and programs to public facilities. As the food and beverage provider to facilities with some of the most stringent environmental policies in the world, we have researched the matter extensively and work closely with community and facility managers to develop environmentally friendly operations focused on minimizing carbon footprint by purchasing locally produced, sustainably raised product, using non-petroleum-based packaging and recycling or composting waste whenever possible.

Since 1977, SMG has provided management services to more than 220 public assembly facilities worldwide, including arenas, stadiums, theatres and performing arts centers, equestrian facilities, convention, congress and exhibition centers, science centers and a variety of other venues. Across the globe, SMG manages more than 14 million square feet of exhibition space and more than 1.75 million arena and theatre seats. As the recognized global industry leader, SMG provides venue management, sales, marketing, event booking and programming, construction and design consulting, and pre-opening services. SMG also offers food and beverage operations through its concessions and catering division of SAVOR, currently serving more than 100 accounts worldwide.

Press Release <![CDATA[Brewers of Pennsylvania Names New President and VP]]> 2017-02-23T13:15:03Z 2017-02-24T14:13:30Z

Harrisburg, PA – The Brewers of Pennsylvania (BOP), the state’s official beer guild, has named Chris Lampe as the association’s new President and Artie Tafoya as the new Vice President. Both respected industry professionals began serving their two-year Board terms in January, 2017.

Co-Owner and Production Manager at Weyerbacher Brewing Company, Lampe was elected to the BOP Board in 2016, and has been actively engaged in all BOP legislative efforts including meeting with numerous legislators on an annual basis.

Owner and Director of Operations at Appalachian Brewing Company (ABC), Tafoya was elected to the BOP Board in January, 2011, and is one of the founding members of the BOP. He has served as Chairman of the BOP Events Committee for multiple years.

“I am honored and humbled to be voted in as President of such an influential association dedicated to promoting and protecting craft brewing in the great state of Pennsylvania,” said Lampe. “The Commonwealth produces some of the best craft beers in the world, and I look forward to working with Artie, our other Board members, as well as current and new members to advance our mission and goals. I would also like to raise a glass to the outstanding work Bill Covaleski did during his extremely successful term as BOP President.”

Brewmaster and President of Victory Brewing Company, Covaleski served as BOP President from 2014-2016, and will continue to impactfully serve the association as Chair of the Legislative Committee.

Weyerbacher Brewing was founded in 1995 in Easton, Pa. After brewing its first big beer, Raspberry Imperial Stout, in 1997, its path in the industry became clear – making full-flavored, high quality brews.

From humble beginnings to its approximately 30,000 square foot facility, Weyerbacher has always looked to push the envelope of taste experiences.

Appalachian Brewing Company was founded in 1997, with the original brewery and brewpub located in Harrisburg, Pa. ABC now operates six restaurants, each with their own small-batch craft beer brewery, as well as the full-scale Appalachian Craft Soda manufacturing facility located in Mechanicsburg, Pa.

About the Brewers of Pennsylvania
The Brewers of Pennsylvania is a 501c6 trade association that brings together leaders of Pa.-based breweries in order to promote and protect the brewing industry in the state. The Brewers of Pennsylvania, a strong and influential organization, serves the consuming public of Pa. by encouraging brand diversity in the market. BOP members employ an estimated 10,000 employees earning $296 million in wages and generating $1.1 billion in direct economic benefits to communities throughout the state. Its signature annual event is the popular Meeting of the Malts.

Press Release <![CDATA[Alaskan Brewing Seeking Feedback, Ratings on Limited-Release Beers]]> 2017-02-23T13:09:24Z 2017-02-24T13:07:26Z

Juneau, AK – When consumers buy an Alaskan Brewing Taste of Alaska Sampler Pack this spring or summer, the rotating style may be a brew with a cue: “Rate this beer.”

Alaskan Brewing will be packaging and distributing seven beers, including former Pilot Series brew SMaSH Galaxy Imperial IPA, Spruce IPA, Sprucetopia Ale, Gold Creek Ale, Cream Ale, Cran-Spruce Ale and Grapefruit Shandy.

This program provides consumers with the opportunity to try smaller batch brews that have previously had limited or no distribution outside of Alaska. Consumers can provide direct feedback on the styles, many of which feature premium or local ingredients, like Galaxy hops and Sitka spruce tips.

For these select styles, consumers will be prompted to visit, where they can rate the beer they tried on a scale of one to 10, provide comments and let Alaskan Brewing know if it’s a beer they would buy it on its own. In addition to these prompts, there are a few optional demographic questions that can help the brewery better understand its consumers.

The results will be taken into consideration in the decision-making process that dictates which beers get bottled and where they will be distributed. Beer drinkers can look for these styles in 12 oz. bottles in the Taste of Alaska Sampler Pack, joining flagship Alaskan Amber, White Ale and Icy Bay IPA. The styles may also be sampled at the tasting room in Juneau, Alaska.

About Alaskan Brewing Co.
Alaskan Brewing Co. was founded in 1986 in Juneau, Alaska, by then 28-year-old Marcy and Geoff Larson. Alaskan Brewing just celebrated 30 years of award-winning craft beer from the Last Frontier, with distribution in 18 states across the US. For more information, check out Alaskan Brewing’s website at

Press Release <![CDATA[42 North Debuts Norcia Belgian Style Dubbel]]> 2017-02-23T12:45:40Z 2017-02-24T11:00:11Z

East Aurora, NY — The Norcia Belgian-Style Dubbel will be joining the 42 North seasonal line of distribution through local distributor, Try-it beverage, beginning Tuesday, February 28th. You will be able to enjoy Norcia on tap in the 42 North Taproom, and throughout early March, you will begin to see the brew around WNY.

Norcia Belgian-Style Dubbel: Pronounced “N-or-cha”, we named this Abbey-Style beer for the Italian birthplace of Saint Benedict, the City of Norcia (42°47N 13°54E). Saint Benedict’s influence led to the establishment of Trappist Breweries and some of the best beers in the world even today. Norcia has an amber-brown color, a rich caramel-like maltiness, subtle fruit and phenolic spice touches with a slight hoppy dryness in the finish.

ABV: 7% IBU: 24 SRM: 25 (Ruby/Brown)

Norcia is an extremely drinkable, historic style brew that 42 North is pleased to have joining our line-up of seasonal offerings.

Press Release <![CDATA[Long Trail Brewing Releases Limbo IPA in 16 oz. Cans]]> 2017-02-23T22:36:20Z 2017-02-23T22:36:20Z

Bridgewater Corners, VT — Last week we enjoyed Old Man Winter’s return to the north country. Despite a packed schedule around the brewery, the Long Trail Adventure Team (LTAT) scored some fresh turns at Stowe Mountain Resort and Suicide Six.

If you’re not familiar with the LTAT and its mission, check out this post on our Trail Notes blog. Share your adventures with us using the #LTAdventureTeam tag and keep in touch as we check off a few more resorts before this winter melts away.

If you were lucky enough to hit the slopes last week, you’ll agree the fresh powder was worth the wait. Along the same lines, we’re stoked for the arrival of Limbo IPA in 16 ounce cans. Is there a better excuse to rediscover this juicy American IPA than the release of trail-friendly cans?

Full of the tropical fruit flavors of Galaxy and Mosaic hops, the new vessels reveal more pronounced aromas and tons of character; definitely worth the wait.  Meanwhile, as we wait for longer, brighter days to arrive, we’re celebrating the revival of Stand Out American pale ale (5.2% ABV, 42 IBU).

A renewal of our long-retired, fan favorite pale ale, Stand Out features a toasty and caramel malt profile and pronounced citrus and herbal hop notes.

This seasonal offering was first introduced in 2015 and features heaps of Equinox hops, a relatively new variety renowned for its complex flavor profile, which includes notes of orange peel, pine and fresh peppers. Now available on draught and in six-packs, 12-packs and in Survival Packs where Long Trail is sold.

Seek it out, crack one open and enjoy the peak experiences and stand out moments!

Speaking of peak experiences, we’re hosting our friends from the Green Mountain Club for their 21st annual Winter Trails Day on Saturday, March 4th at our brewery in Bridgewater Corners.

This family-friendly event features guided snowshoe hikes, winter skills clinics, s’mores and much more! More details available here. If you can’t hit the trail with us on March 4th, check out our Don’t Fear the Ripper retro ski party at the Brewster River Pubin Jeffersonville, Vermont, on March 4th. We’ll be sipping some Long Trail Ale retro cans and showing off our best day-glow, throwback ski outfits as we celebrate the ski season, keeping our fingers crossed for some late-season snow before biking season begins.

If you’ve already traded your snow dance for bike pants, registration is open for our annual Century Ride to Benefit Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports. Pedal and party with us on Saturday, June 24th, 2017.

Either way, check out our Events Page for an LT event near you and remember: Whatever trail you choose, make sure it’s a Long Trail.

Press Release <![CDATA[Butternuts Beer & Ale Creates Custom-Made Beer for Anthrax]]> 2017-02-23T22:04:08Z 2017-02-23T22:04:08Z

New York — Chuck Williamson, founder of upstate New York’s Butternuts Beer & Ale, is the proud owner of the seventh Automatic Canning System produced by Cask Brewing Systems. “We’ve done millions of cans on that machine,” Williamson says. “It just keeps on cranking.”

Williamson fired up his ACS in 2005 and was an early embracer of Cask gear and small-batch beers packaged in cans. Today his aluminum-loving microbrewery is heading into heavier metal territory. Next month Butternuts’ ACS machine will fill cans of a new custom-made beer for metal legends Anthrax.

A New York City bar owner connected Williamson with the band after hearing the New York-based group was dreaming of its own brand of beer.

“I’ve wanted to do our own beer for a long time,” says Anthrax’s Scott Ian. “It was just a matter of finding the right guy to make that a reality. I am a fan of Butternuts, especially their Porkslap Pale Ale,” Ian adds, “so when I found out Chuck was interested in doing a beer with us I immediately said yes.”

Williamson and marketing man David Ciancio (who, like Williamson, counts Anthrax as one of his favorite groups) worked with Ian and his bandmates to create a unique beer that fit the band members’ tastes and would appeal to the group’s fans.

“I spoke to Chuck about what we like and don’t like and what I would want from our beer,” Ian recalls. “It was simple: a beer that would be very drinkable yet still have flavor.”

Williamson and his team sampled the band on a test batch, and then worked the group’s feedback into a second batch that struck a power chord with the band.

The resulting beer — Wardance — is a 5.5% ABV ale brewed with New York-grown and North American two-row malt and a mix of specialty malts for extra color and flavor depth. The beer’s hops are sourced from both New York and West Coast growers and are added in several stages, including post fermentation. “Wardance,” Ian says, “is a beer you can drink over and over again. And I have!”

The beer’s name references a circular mosh-pit dance Anthrax fans do during the song “Indians.”

Wardance will be available in New York stores, bars and restaurants in late March. In the future the beer will hit some of the nine other states in the brewery’s distribution reach. The brewery sells about 60% of its beer in New York and 90% of it is sold in cans.

Wardance is the first new canned beer in several years for Butternuts, which has recently updated the graphics on its cans and is about to add more new beers to its lineup. “We want to generate renewed interest in the brewery,” Williamson says, “and open up the market to a wider audience.”

His tastes in metallic packaging — which began before cans were cool for craft beer — will remain at the forefront of that effort. “Our brewery is defined by our cans,” Williamson says. “We felt that with cans we could remove the pretense of craft beer and connect to all types of beer drinkers. Cans also fit with our left-of- center marketing and our goal of keeping things fun and enjoyable. Our Cask canning line set the course for our philosophy and success, and 12 years later we’re continuing those traditions.”

Press Release <![CDATA[Spokane Symphony and No-Li Brewhouse Team Up on Beethoven Golden Ale]]> 2017-02-23T21:35:35Z 2017-02-23T21:35:35Z

Spokane, WA — The Spokane Symphony and No-Li Brewhouse are teaming up to bring the Pacific NW “Beethoven Golden Ale” 22 oz. bottles (only 660 total bottles available) and a Friday, March 10th Beethoven Symphony at The Martin Woldson Theater At The Fox Theatre…Spokane, USA.

The home town cultural collaboration with No-Li Brewhouse and the Spokane Symphony is fresh, new and is creating conversation around the Pacific NW.

Spokane Symphony Playing at No-Li Brewhouse

Beethoven & Brews: Spokane Symphony and No-Li craft beer

About No-Li Brewhouse
Born & Raised in Spokane, Washington, No-Li Brewhouse is locally-owned and community-minded. No-Li Brewhouse was awarded 2016 Washington Brewery of the Year, NBWA 2015 National Brewer Partner of the Year, No-Li has won twenty-one international awards.

For more information about the beers, brewery and the pub, visit, or follow them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @nolibrewhouse.

Chris Furnari <![CDATA[Brew Talks Returns to CBC on April 11]]> 2017-02-23T19:58:59Z 2017-02-23T19:24:54Z

Brewbound is excited to announce that Brew Talks, our traveling meetup series for beer industry professionals, will make its official return in 2017 alongside the 34th edition of Craft Brewers Conference, being held in Washington D.C. in April.

The industry-only Brew Talks meetup, hosted in partnership with Dogfish Head Craft Brewery on Tuesday, April 11, will offer brewers, distributors and retailers a chance to participate in three hours of top-level business discussion and networking at Penn Social (801 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20004).

Register Today >>>

Official speaker and agenda announcements will be made in the coming days, but attendees can expect to hear thought-provoking dialogue on the maturation of the craft beer category — and the companies within it — as well as an in-depth discussion about the modernization of the three-tier system.

Doors will open at 4:00 P.M., and conversations will begin promptly at 4:30 P.M. Attendees are invited to imbibe and socialize until 7:00 P.M. A selection of Dogfish Head beer offerings and a selection of Penn Social menu items will also be available.

Early registration is now available >>>

Due to space limitations, ONLY brewers, distributors and retailers will be allowed to sign up at this time. All other supplier and service companies wishing to attend the event should email John McKenna at or 617-231-8825 to inquire about sponsorship opportunities.

Brew Talks — gatherings designed to provide craft brewers, distributors and retailers the opportunity to come together and have conversations on the business of craft beer – will offer attendees an excellent opportunity to gain business lessons and network with other beverage entrepreneurs.

Please Note: This is a ticketed event and a donation of $10 will be required for entry. No free tickets or media passes will be available for this event and 100 percent of registration proceeds will be donated to a local charity.

With nearly 14,000 industry professionals expected to converge on Washington D.C. in April, Brewbound encourages anyone interested in joining the Brew Talks CBC meetup to RESERVE YOUR SEAT TODAY.

Brew Talks CBC is sponsored by WestRock. Additional sponsorship opportunities are still available — please contact John McKenna to learn more.

About Brew Talks

Since hosting our first event in the basement of a craft beer bar in Boston in 2013, the Brew Talks meetup series has developed into a multi-city tour where beer industry professionals can gather at well-known industry meetings, such as the Craft Brewers Conference, to share business insights with one another.

The program is designed to provide members of the beer community with an opportunity to come together and have in-depth discussions on the business of craft beer and the events are also broadcast globally via a free live stream. At its 15 meetups in 2015 and 2016, Brewbound raised more than $28,000 for local non-profit organizations and connected with more than 2,000 beer industry professionals.

Press Release <![CDATA[Shmaltz Brewing Releases Star Trek Klingon Imperial Porter]]> 2017-02-23T18:22:17Z 2017-02-23T18:22:17Z

Clifton Park, NY — In 2016, Shmaltz Brewing debuted two critically acclaimed StarTrek Golden Anniversary Ales to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the iconic franchise, Star Trek. 2017 brings triple the excitement with the limited release of three StarTrek specialty beers rolling out throughout the year. Under license by CBS Consumer Products, the first extraterrestrial elixir of 2017 is Star Trek Klingon Imperial Porter (7.3%ABV). Six malts including Specialty 2-Row, Vienna, Melanoidin, Crystal, Honey, and Pale Chocolate are masterfully brewed with two hops, Columbus and Vanguard. Lifting off this week, StarTrek Klingon Imperial Porter transports itself in 4-packs to retail outlets in 35 states across the country and will be on draft at select bars.

Fans can raise a goblet of Star Trek Klingon Imperial Porter to the strongest warriors in the Galaxy, and discover the ruby undertones that pay homage to Klingon Bloodwine and fallen warriors who hold honor above life. “There is no honor in attacking the weak,” so take pleasure in besieging this 7.3% ABV ImperialPorter. But like this mighty brew, Klingons also have a sweet side:Witness the wedding ritual where the gods forge two hearts so strong that once joined together cannot be opposed. (Just ignore the part of the ceremony where the groom swings his bat’le that the bride!)

A Klingon proverb states: “Death is an experience best shared,” and so is the first Star Trek limited release of 2017. Qapla’!

Enjoy Star Trek Klingon Imperial Porter at the following events across the country:
February 28: Star TrekTrivia Night @ My Parent’s Basement, Avondale Estate, GA
March 2: Klingon Hop Orgy Party @ The Factory Eatery, Ballston Spa, NY
May 1: Star Trek Bowling @ The Comet Pub & Lanes,Decatur, GA

More events will be taking place in the near future. Stay updated by going to

About Shmaltz Brewing Company
Founder and owner JeremyCowan established Shmaltz Brewing in San Francisco in 1996. The first 100 cases of He’brew Beer® were hand-bottled and delivered throughout the Bay Area from the back of his Grandmother’s Volvo. Shmaltz Brewing now sells He’brew Beer® across 35 states, through40 wholesalers and in nearly 5,000 retailers.

After 17 years of being an outspoken cheerleader for contract brewing, Cowan and staff opened their own New York State production brewery in 2013 in Clifton Park, 10 minutes north of Albany. Shmaltz’s home boasts a 50-barrel brewhouse with 30,000 barrels of annual capacity and packages a diverse and tasty variety of core and seasonal favorites in 12 and 22-ounce bottles and kegs. The Shmaltz Tasting Room is open five days a week (Wed-Sun) and offers tours, barrel-aged previews, beer-to-go, and special releases. ranked Shmaltz as one of the “Top 100 Brewers in the World” in2013, and the brewery brought home 10 gold and 6 silver medals from the World Beer Championships in the past several years.

Press Release <![CDATA[Sebago Brewing Company Releases Hop Swap IPA]]> 2017-02-23T13:19:45Z 2017-02-23T18:00:06Z

Portland, ME  — Each year since 2012, Sebago Brewing Company has brewed Hop Swap, an American-style IPA, with a new hop profile in order to introduce fans to the wonderful flavors and aromas that can come from hops. The profile for Hop Swap 2017 (ABV 6.7%, IBU 88), which ships this week, features Citra, Cashmere, Comet and Lemondrop hops. You can expect bold citrus and ripe melon aromas, accompanied by passion fruit and subtle mint.

Three of the featured hops, Lemondrop, Cashmere and Comet, have recently made appearances in Sebago’s limited edition Single Hop Pale Ale Series. Comet is a bittering hop used for its subtle and unique “wild American” aroma. Cashmere is a dual-purpose hop with a smooth bitterness, herbal aroma and flavors of citrus and melon. Lemondrop is a new experimental aroma hop that also contributes to the bold citrus scent and crisp body of this year’s edition. Joining these three are well-loved Citra aroma hops, known for their tropical fruit characteristics.

Hop Swap is best enjoyed fresh, so a limited amount of the beer is produced to highlight these unique features. Hop Swap can also be enjoyed on draft at Sebago Brewing Company’s four brewpubs in Portland, Kennebunk, Gorham and Scarborough as well as at various craft beer bars and restaurants throughout New England. The current batch will also be available in 4-pack 16-ounce cans at select stores and in 1/6 BBL kegs by special order. The 2017 hop profile will also be used for a fall 2017 release.