August Schell Brewing Co

August Schell Brewing Co

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(507) 354-5528
New Ulm, MN
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P.O. Box 128
New Ulm, MN 56073-0128 United States
Schell's is the second oldest, family owned brewery in the United States. It specializes in producing award-winning lager beers.
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August Schell Medals at U.S. Open Beer Championship

New Ulm, MN. – The August Schell Brewing Co. (, America’s second-oldest, family-owned brewery, received international recognition at the 2014 U.S. Open Beer Championship by winning the silver medal in the American Lager/Pilsner category for its Grain Belt Premium.

Gatza: New Craft Brewer Definition Prioritizes Ownership, Size

Welcome to the club, D.G. Yuengling & Son. Glad you made it, Narragansett. Sorry about the trouble, August Schell Brewing. Forget the controversy, feel free to use rice and corn, just stick with tradition, ok? The Brewers Association (BA) — a not-for-profit trade group representing the interests of small and independent American craft brewers —… Read more »

August Schell Brewing Company Releases ‘Star of the North’

After occupying Berlin in 1809, Napoleon’s troops adoringly referred to the tart and effervescent white beer of the city as “The Champagne of the North.” In honor of this beer style, its history, and our great state motto, we’ve crafted “Star of the North,” our interpretation of a traditional Berliner Weisse.

August Schell Brewing Company to Release Stag Series #7-American Barleywine

NEW ULM, MN. – The August Schell Brewing Co. (, the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the country, brewer of Schell’s and Grain Belt, is set to release its latest Stag Series beer, #7-American Barleywine, to the public next week. Schell’s Brewery came up with the Stag Series during their year long 150th anniversary celebration, originally… Read more »

Video: A Crafty Collision

Most everyone in the beer industry was talking about the difference between craft and crafty yesterday, but not everyone was happy to be having the conversation. Several brewers, large and small, took issue yesterday with statements by the Brewers Association (BA), releasing public comments defending their position in the brewing world — comments that they… Read more »

August Schell Brewing Co. to Release Arminius

New Ulm, MN – August Schell Brewing Co. (, the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the country, is excited to announce the latest addition to its award-winning lineup of German craft beers, Arminius.

Schell’s Plans $2 Million Brewery Expansion

Add New Ulm, Minn.-based August Schell Brewing Company to the long list of small breweries investing in expansion projects. Kyle Marti, Schell’s director of sales and marketing, told on Wednesday that the company plan to break ground in May on a $2 million expansion project that will increase brewing capacity by 100,000 barrels before… Read more »

Year Round Beers

Beer Name Style
Roggen Pilsner
1984 Pilsner
Mandarina Pilsner
2014 Pilsner
Chimney Sweep Lager
Emerald Rye Rye
Snowstorm Porter
Schell's Stout Imperial Stout
Pilsner Pilsner
Hopfenmalz Lager
Firebrick Lager
Dark Lager
Deer Brand Lager
Light Lager
Bock Bock
Maifest Bock
Hefeweizen Bavarian Hefeweisse
Zommerfest Golden/Blonde
Octoberfest Lager
Schmaltz's Alt Ale
Premium Ale
Nordeast Lager
Premium Light Lager

Seasonal Beers

Beer Name Style
No records to display.